Training Opportunities

Upcoming Training Courses:

The CRUK Cambridge Centre hosts multiple training courses throughout the year which are open to all CRUK CC researchers (staff and students).
These courses are free for members of the CRUK Cambridge Centre to attend.

Bioinformatics Courses

  • Introduction to Command-line Linux
  • Introduction to R
  • The Joy of Stats (4 week course)
Other Courses
  • Researcher Wellbeing
  • Manage Your Workload

Introduction to Command-line Linux
Thursday 19th March 1300-1730
Room 009 - CRUK Cambridge Institute
This short (0.5 day) intensive course serves to introduce you to the command-line interface in Linux.
It is based upon elements of the Software Carpentries Shell(novice) and Shell(extras) courses. It is recommended for those personnel planning on attending the High Performance Computing facilities (Cluster) course.

Introduction to R
Tuesday 21st - Wednesday 22nd April (0900-1700)
eLearning 1 - University of Cambridge Clinical School
A two-day onsite introduction to R, gives you a focussed opportunity to learn to write R, a challenge for many especially if they are new to programming. Our experts have trained thousands of people over the years and know how to support beginners in their journey. They’re experience with different industries also means that they’re able to offer useful and relevant advice that is directly useful to your staff. The course is also accompanied by permanent online materials that provide an ongoing reference for your staff.

The Joy of Stats
Wednesday 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd September 1230-1330
Rooms 009 and 215A&B - CRUK Cambridge Institute
These four weekly lectures will give an introduction to important statistical concepts. They will cover:
  1. Exploratory data analysis (week 1),
  2. Probability distributions and parameter estimation (week 2), 
  3. Supervised and unsupervised analysis (week 3), and most importantly 
  4. Several excellent ways to screw up data analysis and fool yourself along with everyone else (week4).
These lectures are 1 hour long and will be over lunchtimes. Lunch will be provided to those who attend.
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Researcher Wellbeing
Monday 4th May 0900-1230
Room 215A&B - CRUK Cambridge Institute

Science-based and interactive, this workshop introduces the research on wellbeing. Using experiences from your life as a research student so far, discussions will focus on developing realistic steps towards positive wellbeing whilst progressing your research.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the confidence to become proactive in managing your research
  • Recognise overwhelm and how to manage it
  • Know how to best ask for help and be able to say no to additional workload
  • Manage difficult conversations
Manage Your Workload
Monday 4th May 1330-1730
Room 215A&B - CRUK Cambridge Institute

A revisit of the manage your workload workshop from primary skills week and incorporating the needs of researchers at a later stage we will explore task and relationship management techniques that will help you balance multiple demands on your time.  Bring your issues to the workshop ready for some practical troubleshooting.

Learning outcomes

  • Plan your workload based on your optimal way of working
  • Task planning techniques
  • Manage decision dilemma
  • Negotiate resources

Past Courses:

Introduction to Statistical Analysis
Tuesday 11th February 0930-1700
This course provides a refresher on the foundations of statistical analysis. The emphasis is on interpreting the results of a statistical test, and being able to determine the correct test to apply.
Practicals are conducted using a series of online apps, and we will not teach a particular statistical analysis package, such as R. For courses that teach R, please see the links under "Related courses".
Introduction to Linear Modelling in R
Tuesday 10th March 0945-1700
eLearning Room 1 - School of Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Campus
The course will cover ANOVA, linear regression and some extensions. It will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on time using RStudio to analyse data.
Data Carpentry with R
Wednesday 11th March 0930-1730
eLearning Room 1 - School of Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Campus
In many domains of research the rapid generation of large amounts of data is fundamentally changing how research is done. The deluge of data presents great opportunities, but also many challenges in managing, analyzing and sharing data.
Data Carpentry workshops are designed to teach basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data, using a combination of tools with a main focus in R. The workshop is aimed at researchers in the life sciences at all career stages and is designed for learners with little to no prior knowledge of programming, shell scripting, or command line tools.