Masters degrees

A number of taught and research-based Masters degree courses (leading to the award of an MPhil), offered at Cambridge University are relevant to cancer science including…

MPhil Computational Biology, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics  

This is a cross-disciplinary course related to bioinformatics and quantitative aspects of biology and medicine, concluding with a four-month internship.

MPhil in Public Health, MPhil in Epidemiology, Department of Public Health and Primary Care  

These are part-taught, part-research based courses providing basic and advanced training in epidemiology and statistics for a career in public health.

MPhil in Clinical Science, Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (TMAT), School of Clinical Biological Medicine  

A course of clinical pharmacology and clinical research, to enable clinical scientists to translate science into medicine, with taught elements and a 12-week research project.

MPhil in Medical Sciences, Department of Oncology, School of Clinical Medicine  

A one-year research project is required for this degree.