Thu 21 Feb 13:00: Epigenetic control of malignant melanoma

Epigenetic control of malignant melanoma

Cutaneous melanoma is a highly aggressive skin cancer and one of the most challenging cancers in its therapeutic management. Emerging studies demonstrate that cancer is a result of a concerted action of genetic and epigenetic alterations. Our understanding of the ‘epigenetic landscape’ of melanoma remains poorly understood. We have shown a critical role for histone variants of the H2A family in regulating melanoma pathogenesis. For example, macroH2A acts as a barrier to melanoma growth and metastasis (Kapoor et al., Nature 2010), and H2A .Z.2 promotes melanoma growth by positively regulating transcription of E2F target genes (Vardabasso et al., Molecular Cell 2015). Studies will be presented of our ongoing efforts to identify key epigenetic players in melanoma progression and drug resistance, and to decipher the melanoma epigenome by comparing normal melanocytes with malignant melanoma cells.

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