Tue 08 Dec 16:00: Translation defects and neurological disease

Translation defects and neurological disease

Neurodegenerative disorders affect many people, particularly in the aging population. Yet the cause of these disorders is unknown for the majority of the most prevalent forms of these diseases. Our laboratory focuses on identifying the mechanisms underlying neuronal homeostasis in the aging mammalian brain. Using a phenotype-driven approach, we have identified several novel molecular mechanisms that underlie neuron death. Recently, we have extended this unbiased approach to identify genes that modify the expressivity of the phenotype caused by the primary mutation. Currently, our lab is focusing on the how changes in translation elongation, including those affecting ribosome processivity, translational fidelity and tRNA expression, impact neurodegeneration and neurophysiology, and the mechanisms underlying the cell type-specificity of mutations that disrupt translation elongation.

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