Programme News

A fond farewell

21 June 2018

Dr Yuu Kimata, a Group Leader from our Programme based at the Department of Genetics, is sadly leaving Cambridge to begin a new research group as an assistant professor at the ShanghaiTech University, China.

We would like to wish Dr Kimata every success for the future!

Passmore Group at All Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research
All Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research

8 June 2018

A number of Cambridge researchers attended a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research at the House of Commons on 5 June. The aim of the event was to discuss the importance of international mobility in science.

Dr Lori Passmore, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, gave a keynote talk focussing on international diversity in her team, and the importance of mobility for attending conferences, accessing scientific infrastructure and working with collaborators. Since she started her lab in 2009, 17 PhD students and post-docs have worked with her – 3 from the UK, 7 from other EU countries and 7 from non-EU countries. Dr Pablo Alcón and Terence Tang from Lori’s Group were also there to discuss issues around mobility with parliamentarians. Overall, the meeting conveyed the importance of an efficient immigration system for skilled researchers and their families, that is fair and transparent.

G-Proteins Conference Logo
Small G-Proteins in Cellular Signalling and Disease

30 May 2018

Dr Darerca Owen and Dr Helen Mott from the Department of Biochemistry are organising a focused meeting on the role of Small G-Proteins in Cellular Signalling and Disease. The meeting will take place July 9-12 at Clare College, Cambridge, with sessions including:

  • Therapeutic targeting of small G proteins,
  • Localisation: spatiotemporal signalling,
  • Small G protein function in context,
  • Regulators and modulators,
  • Effector signalling pathways,
  • Small G proteins in disease: challenges and progress.

Registration is open, and will remain open until approximately the end of June. You can register via this link:

The meeting planning is going from strength to strength and the full programme is of extraordinary quality. The programme has just been released and is available via the tinyurl link above. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in July!

Lister Prize Lecture Poster
Dr James Nathan to give Lister Prize Lecture

22 May 2018

Dr James Nathan from the Cancer Institute for Medical Research will be giving a talk for the award of his Lister Prize on Friday 1st June, entitled "Metabolic Regulation of Oxygen Sensing Pathways". All CMB Programme members are welcome to attend. The talk will take place at 11am in the Sackler Lecture Theatre of the Wellcome Trust/MRC Building on the Addenbrooke's Site.

The Lister Prize Fellowships are awarded by the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine to young researchers undertaking high quality biomedical research, and are designed to assist scientists in situations where the prize money will have a significant beneficial impact on their work and career.

New EMBO Members
Dr Lori Passmore and Dr Michaela Frye elected as EMBO members

15 May 2018

Congratulations to Dr Lori Passmore from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and to Dr Michaela Frye from the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge on being elected as members of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).

Dr Rhys Grant joins the Programme as our Science Communication Specialist

14 May 2018

Dr Rhys Grant trained as a Biochemist at the University of Cambridge, completing his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry), followed by a PhD in the Department of Genetics and a short postdoctoral position in Dr Catherine Lindon's Group in the Department of Pharmacology. Since a young age, Rhys has actively sought out all opportunities related to science communication; ranging from exhibiting at local and national science festivals and blog writing, to the design of educational resources and lecturing at school science clubs. Rhys has joined us from the Linnean Society of London, where he was working as the Education and Public Engagement Manager, to run our Programme's external communications, produce educational digital media, and lead our outreach work. His role is a joint position shared between our Programme and the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.