Professor Athene Donald

University of Cambridge

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Department of Physics

Position: Professor
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Research description

My research is concerned with biophysical principles underlying protein aggregation and cell-substrate interactions, with a very strong emphasis on different sorts of microscopy and approaching the problem from the viewpoint of soft matter physics. Of particular relevance to CCC is the work we have been doing on cell spreading on topographically patterned substrates to look at how the cytoskeleton responds. In addition I have been developing environmental SEM for the study of biological systems in relation to bacteria, cell adhesion and materials for biomedical applications, and plants.

Research Programme
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Key publications

Krebs MRH, Bromley EHC, Donald AM (2005), The binding of thioflavin T to amyloid fibrils: Localisation and implications. J Struct Biol, 149(1): 30-37. Krebs MRH, Bromley EHC, Donald AM (2005). The mechanism of spherulite formation by bovine insulin amyloid fibrils. Biophys J 88 (3): 2013-21. Krebs MRH, Donald AM (2007), Protein particulates: another generic form of protein aggregation. Biophys J (4): 1336-1342.

Fluorescence image of cells spreading across a topographically patterned substrate