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University of Cambridge

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Department of Haematology
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Position: PhD student
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Research description

The central aim of this PhD project is to characterise alterations in the niche of HSC, imposed by malignant B cells, and to understand their functional implications for HSC differentiation and renewal. In particular, the following questions will be addressed in this project: how do malignant B cells change the cellular composition of HSC-niches? Which signalling pathways are required for these alterations and how do lymphoma-remodelled HSC niches affect HSC self-renewal and differentiation.
This work will elucidate the patho-biology underlying the bone marrow failure in patients with haematological malignancies and likely provide new approaches for therapeutic interventions to counteract the impairment of HSC functions in advanced disease cancer patients.

Research Programme
Haematological Malignancies
Methods and technologies
Cell culture
Clinical trials
Fluorescence microscopy
Gene expression profiling
In vivo modelling
Statistical analysis
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