Professor David Glover

University of Cambridge

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Department of Genetics

Position: Professor
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Research description

Our laboratory studies the regulation of progression through mitosis and meiosis in animal cells. The high degree of evolutionary conservation of these regulatory mechanisms means that findings in model organisms are readily applicable to human cells. Thus we use the fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a genetically well-characterised model organism and translate our findings wherever possible to human cells. A question always at the back of our minds is whether the proteins we are studying are mis-regulated in human cancer cells and, if so, whether we can find out more about underlying causes of human cancer and develop routes towards cancer therapy. Indeed the human counterparts of two of the principal mitotic regulatory protein kinases that we discovered in the fruitfly, Polo and Aurora, are now accepted as targets for cancer therapy by the pharmaceutical industry.

Research Programme
Cell and Molecular Biology
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Key publications

Rodrigues-Martins, A., Riparbelli, M., Callaini, G., Glover, D.M., and Bettencourt-Dias, M. (2007) Revisiting the Role of the Mother Centriole in Centriole Biogenesis Science 316: 1046-1-50 Archambault, V., Zhao, X., White-Cooper, H., Carpenter, A.T.C., and Glover, D.M. (2007) Mutations in Drosophila Greatwall/Scant reveal its roles in mitosis and meiosis and interdependence with Polo kinase PLoS Genetics Nov 9;3(11):e200 Archambault, V., D?Avino, P.P., Deery, M.J., Lilley, K.S. and. Glover, D.M. (2008) Sequestration of Polo Kinase to Microtubules by Phosphopriming-Independent Binding to Map205 Is Relieved by Cdk1 to Promote Mitosis Genes and Development 22:2707-20