Dr Louisa Bellis

University of Cambridge
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Department of Oncology
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Hutchison MRC Research Centre

Position: Graduate Training Programme Manager
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Email:   Public email address:  ljb201@cam.ac.uk

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Louisa Bellis is the CRUK Cambridge Centre Graduate Training Programme Manager. After completing a degree in chemistry with pharmaceutical and forensic Science, Louisa went on to study for a PhD in pharmacology, focussing on the development of potential new drugs for the treatment of bladder cancer. Following this, Louisa worked for a not-for-profit company in Leeds, travelling internationally to train users on their drug toxicity and metabolism prediction software. In 2009, she moved down south to become the cheminformatician for the ChEMBL group at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), dealing with the database of 1.4 million compounds and handling the customer support emails. Louisa then moved to the bioinformatics training department at the University of Cambridge, dealing with the training courses and feedback analysis, and then finally moved across to the Department of Oncology to take up her current role, managing the current MRes and PhD students on the 12 Programmes.

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