Professor Gerard Evan

University of Cambridge

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Department of Biochemistry

Position: Head of Department
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Research description

Cancers are lethal diseases in desperate need of new therapeutic approaches: despite dramatic advances in the use of conventional chemo and radiotherapy and the growth of more ?targeted? drugs, many cancers are still incurable. The principal problem is that we have no systematic or informed way of predicting which, out of the legion of aberrant processes in pancreatic cancer cells, is the best to target with drugs or where, within that process the most effective molecular targets lie. To address this problem, we employ a novel class of genetically engineered mouse (GEM) in which individual oncogenes and/or tumour suppressor genes may be systemically toggled off and on, reversibly and at will, in vivo. In this way we can identify the most effective therapeutic targets irrespective of contemporary (and ephemeral) prejudices as to their ?druggability?.

Research Programme
Cell and Molecular Biology
Secondary Programme
Pancreatic Cancer
Tumour type interests
Brain and central nervous system
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