Dr Gill Barnett

University of Cambridge

University departments
Department of Oncology
NHS or other affiliations
Strangeways Research Laboratory

Position: Clinical Research Fellow
Personal home page: http://www.srl.cam.ac.uk/

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Research description

Increased understanding of the genetic basis for the wide variation between patients in the severity of late radiotherapy toxicity.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Thoracic Cancer
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CRUK RadNet Cambridge

Key publications

1.Barnett GC, West CM, Dunning AM, RM. Elliott, CE Coles, PDP Pharoah, NG Burnet. 2009 Normal tissue reactions to radiotherapy: towards tailoring treatment dose by genotype. Nat Rev Cancer 9:134-42. 2.Barnett GC, Wilkinson J, Moody AM, Wilson, CB, Sharma, Klager S, Hoole AC, Twyman N, Burnet NG, Coles CE. A randomised controlled trial of forward-planned radiotherapy (IMRT) for early breast cancer: baseline characteristics and dosimetry results. Radiother Oncol 92:34-41, 2009. 3.Barnett GC, Coles CE, Burnet NG, PD Pharoah, J Wilkinson, West CM, Baynes C, Dunning AM. 2010 No association between SNPs regulating TGF-beta1 secretion and late radiotherapy toxicity to the breast: Results from the RAPPER study. Radiother Oncol (e-pub).