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Position: Ex-PM, ACI programme
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Kelly Holmes, PhD, CRUK Cambridge Centre Imaging Programme Manager. Kelly has a first class degree in Biochemistry with a year in industry. She completed her PhD on epigenetic regulation in embryonic development at The Babraham Institute. Wanting to apply this knowledge in a disease setting she began working as a Post-Doc at CRUK Cambridge Institute, studying pioneer factors in breast cancer. During this time she published key papers which catalysed exploring key transcription factors as drug targets. Translating these scientific findings she became a Project Manager for a start-up biotechnology company identifying small molecule inhibitors.
Continuing with her passion for translational research, she is currently working between the Department of Radiology and the CRUK Cambridge Institute, with the Gallagher and Brindle groups. She is setting up and co-ordinating the work for clinical research trials with the aim of developing novel imaging techniques in patients with cancer to identify response to therapy. She also works with other Programme Managers within the CRUK Cambridge Centre to ensure the Centres objectives are met.

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Advanced Cancer Imaging


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