Dr Martin Miller

University of Cambridge

University departments
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Position: Group Leader
Personal home page: http://miller-lab.org/

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Research description

My group works within cancer systems biology and uses experimental and computational approaches to characterise cell signalling and cell-cell interactions in human cancers. Areas of interests are clinical proteomics and genomics, the tumour microenvironment, signalling pathway modelling, mechanisms of drug resistance, and combination therapy.

Research Programme
Pancreatic Cancer
Secondary Programme
Ovarian Cancer
Tumour microenvironment
Cell-cell communication
Cancer systems biology
Cancer genomics
Computational biology
Recent publications:
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Key publications

N. P. Gauthier, E. Reznik, J. Gao, O. Sumer, N. Schultz, C. Sander & M. L. Miller. Muta- tionAligner: a resource of recurrent mutation hotspots in protein domains in cancer. Nucleic Acid Research 44(D1), 986–91 (2016).

M. L. Miller, E. Reznik, N. P. Gauthier, B. A. Aksoy, A. Korkut, J. Gao, G. Ciriello, N. Schultz & C. Sander. Pan-Cancer Analysis of Mutation Hotspots in Protein Domains. Cell Systems 1(3), 197–209 (2015).

Rizvi, N. A., Hellmann, M. D., Snyder, A., Kvistborg, P., Makarov, V., Havel, J. J., Lee, W., Yuan, J., Wong, P., Ho, T. S., Miller M. L., Rekhtman, N., Moreira, A. L., Ibrahim, F., Bruggeman, C., Gasmi, B., Zappasodi, R., Maeda, Y., Sander, C., Garon, E. B., Merghoub, T., Wolchok, J. D., Schumacher, T. N. & Chan, T. A. Mutational landscape determines sensitivity to PD-1 blockade in non-small cell lung cancer. Science (March), 1?10 (2015).

Gauthier, N. P., Soufi, B., Walkowicz, W. E., Pedicord, V. A., Mavrakis, K. J., Macek, B., Gin, D. Y., Sander, C. & Miller M. L. Cell-selective labeling using amino acid precursors for proteomic studies of multicellular environments. Nature Methods 10(8), 768?73 August (2013).

Miller M. L., Molinelli, E. J., Nair, J. S., Sheikh, T., Samy, R., Jing, X., He, Q., Korkut, A., Crago, A. M., Singer, S., Schwartz, G. K. & Sander, C. Drug synergy screen and network modeling in dedifferentiated liposarcoma identifies CDK4 and IGF1R as synergistic drug targets. Science Signaling 6(294), ra85 September (2013).

Ciriello, G., Miller M. L., Aksoy, B. A., Senbabaoglu, Y., Schultz, N. & Sander, C. Emerging landscape of oncogenic signatures across human cancers. Nature Genetics 45(10), 1127?1133 September (2013).