Dr Philip Zegerman

University of Cambridge

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Wellcome Trust CRUK Gurdon Institute

Position: Principle investigator
Personal home page: http://www.gurdon.cam.ac.uk/~zegermanlab/

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Research description

The Regulation of Replication Initiation in Eukaryotes Faithful inheritance of the genome from mother to daughter cell requires that it is replicated accurately, in its entirety, exactly once. Failure to perfectly replicate the genome is a likely source of cell death and the mutations that are the root cause of cancer. As a result, replication is strictly regulated both within the cell cycle and in the face of DNA lesions and it is these levels of regulation that form the focus of our research interests.

Research Programme
Cell and Molecular Biology

Budding yeast genetics

Recent publications:
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Key publications

Zegerman P and Diffley JF. Checkpoint-dependent inhibition of DNA replication initiation by Sld3 and Dbf4 phosphorylation Nature. 2010 467 474-8 Zegerman P and Diffley JF. DNA replication as a target of the DNA damage checkpoint. DNA repair. 2009 8:1077-88. Zegerman P and Diffley JF. Phosphorylation of Sld2 and Sld3 by cyclin-dependent kinases promotes DNA replication in budding yeast. Nature. 2007 445:281-5