Dr Pietro Cicuta

University of Cambridge

University departments
Department of Physics

Position: Reader
Personal home page: http://www.bss.phy.cam.ac.uk/~pc245/

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Research description

Pietro Cicuta is a Professor of Biological Physics in the Physics Department, Cambridge University. He studied physics in Milan (Italy) and took his PhD in Cambridge (2003). His team combines: (a) experience in single cell measuring on micro-organisms, including studies of cell size, adhesion, gene regulation; (b) microfluidic fabrication and automation of imaging and optical measurements; (c) quantitative mechanistic/physical modelling. Developing new experimental techniques to study the mechanics and dynamics of soft and biological systems is the heart of his research. Recent work includes studies of model bacteria and pathogens in host/pathogen interactions, physiology of ciliated epithelia and mechanics/lipidomics of cell membranes.

Research Programme
Thoracic Cancer
Recent publications:
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Key publications

  Avelino Javer*, Zhicheng Long*, Eileen Nugent, Marco Grisi, Kamin Siriwatwetchakul, Kevin D. Dorfman, Pietro Cicuta, and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino; Short-time loci displacement unveils E. coli chromosome organization; Nature Communications 4, 3003 (2013) Alex Crick, Teresa Tiffert, Sheel Shah, Jurij Kotar, Virgilio L. Lew and Pietro Cicuta; An automated live imaging platform for studying merozoite egress-invasion in malaria cultures; Biophysical Journal 104, 997-1005 (2013) Vincenzo G. Benza, Bruno Bassetti, Kevin D. Dorfman, Vittore F. Scolari, Krystyna Bromek, Pietro Cicuta and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino; Physical descriptions of the bacterial nucleoid at large scales, and their biological implications; Rep. Prog. Phys. 75, 076602 (2012) Julia R. Gog, Alicia Murcia, Natan Osterman, Olivier Restif, Trevelyan J. McKinley, Mark Sheppard, Sarra Achouri, Bin Wei, Pietro Mastroeni, James L. N. Wood, Duncan J. Maskell, Pietro Cicuta and Clare E. Bryant; Dynamics of Salmonella infection of macrophages at the single cell level; J.Roy.Soc.:Interface, 9, 2696-2707 (2012)

Automated microscopy allows imaging of rare events: the egress of P.Falciparum merozoites (colorised)