Human Cell Atlas MRC award made to programme researchers

Many congratulations to programme members Professor Bertie Gottgens and Dr Elisa Laurenti who have been awarded a grant from the MRC as part of the the global Human Cell Atlas initiative. Professor Gottgens is the Principal Investigator on the award from the MRC and will work with Co-Investigators programme member Dr Elisa Laurenti, Professor Muzlifah Haniffa (Newcastle University) and Professor Irene Roberts (University of Oxford) on the project, 'A protein-transcriptome atlas of haematopoiesis across the human life span'.

Recent technological innovations have made it possible to map very comprehensively the activity of all genes within single cells, at a scale of thousands of cells at the same time. The team propose to utilize one of the latest protocols in this field to map both messenger RNA as well as protein levels, and thus obtain especially detailed insights into the molecular make up of over 550,000 individual blood and immune cells across the human lifespan. Through integration with the wider Human Cell Atlas Initiative, the team's datasets will deliver an important reference, that will serve as a platform for future studies aiming to reveal the molecular alterations that cause the misbehaviour of blood cells in a broad range of disorders including blood cancers and immune diseases.

12 Feb 2020