Translating Cambridge science from bench to bedside. Assisting Chief Investigators working in cancer.

The CCTU-Cancer Theme is part of the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC) and the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU).

1- What we do

a. We assist clinicians, radiologists, surgeons and researchers who want to design, run and analyse cancer clinical trials.
b. We have developed expertise in various types of trials:
i. Clinical trials with Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPs) from phase 1 to phase 3
ii. Radiotherapy trials
iii. Medical device trials
iv. Translational studies
v. Imaging studies
vi. Multi-aspects/Integrated trials : a combination of the above.

2- Who we are

A team of statisticians, programmers, trial coordinators, senior trial coordinators, data managers and pharmacists.

3- How we can help

Assistance at the design stage
- design guidance and statistical support at the funding stage, including collaboration on grant applications
- statistic solution for more complex designs (i.e. baysian adaptive randomisation)
- planning timelines of the trial and associated budget
- liaison with patients or members of the public with an interest in research (PPI)
- liaison with peer review body

Set-up clinical trials
- partnership with CUH/UCAM as sponsor and assistance with contracts and insurance
- protocol development and writing of patient information documents
- writing regulatory applications
- development of Case Report Forms (including eCRFs) and associated databases
- randomisation system solutions

Coordinating clinical trials
- single, multiple and international sites.
- management of labelling and supply of trial drugs to participating sites.
- set-up, train, assist and monitor participating sites.
- collection, cleaning and analysis of data.
- collection and tracking of samples and images with accepted tracking system.
- reports to authorities and funders.
- compliance to regulation throughout the trial by using CCTU documents or by developing trial specific standard operating procedures and manuals.

If you are a CI interested in running a trial, please get in touch with Anne-Laure Vallier - CCTU-Cancer Theme Lead and CCTC deputy operations manager