Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine

Dr Paul Edwards
Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine series
Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine series

These talks aim to give a general introduction to cancer biology and medicine and all students and staff are welcome to attend. The lectures will take place every Thursday from 9.30-10.30 in-person talks in the School of Clinical Medicine: William Harvey Lecture Theatre (unless otherwise stated).

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Next Lecture 

Thursday 7th July 9:30am: Dr Giulia Biffi,  CRUK Cambridge Institute
Pancreatic Cancer: Challenges, Models and Therapeutic Opportunities
In-person in the William Harvey Lecture Theatre
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Thursday 14th July 9:30am:  Dr Daniel Muñoz-Espin, Department of Oncology/ Early Detection research programme
Role of cellular senescence in cancer and ageing: therapeutic opportunities
Thursday 21st July 9:30am:  Prof Robert Rintoul, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Frank  McCaughan Dept of Biochemistry
Lung Cancer. Part 1. Patient pathway and Intervention;  Part 2: Futurescape
Previous lectures presented in  the last 12 months  

Michaelmas Term 2021

Thursday 21 October 9:30amDr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Tumour structure and nomenclature  

Thursday 28 October 9:30am: Dr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Overview of the core ideas in cancer research

Thursday 4 November 9:30am: Dr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology 
The mutations that drive cancer
Thursday 11 November 9:30amDr Sakari Vanharanta, MRC Cancer Unit
Introduction to the biology of metastasis  
Thursday 18 November 9:30amDr Gary Doherty, CUH NHS Foundation Trust  
Systematic anti-cancer therapy 

Thursday 25 November 9:30amProfessor Steve Jackson, The Gurdon Institute 
DNA repair: translating mechanistic insights towards new cancer therapies. 

Thursday 2 December 9:30amSPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Professor Jacob Stegenga,  Department of History and Philosophy of Science: Care and Cure:an Introduction to  Philosophy of Medicine

Thursday 9 December 9:30amProfessor Brian Huntly, Department of Haematology:  
 Cancer stem cells, evolution and heterogeneity

Thursday 16 December 9:30am: Prof Ferdia Gallagher, Department of Radiology, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  
Oncological imaging 1: introduction and non-radionuclide techniques 
 and  Dr Luigi Aloj, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 
Oncological Imaging 2: radionuclide techniques
Lent Term 2022

Thursday 6 January 9:30amDr Raj Jena, Dept of Oncology & Mr Adel Helmy, Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, CUH NHS Foundation Trust
A scientist’s guide to the art of radiation therapy & Neurosurgery for the Oncologist

Thursday 13 January 9:30am: Prof John Doorbar, Dept of Pathology 
Viral Oncology
Thursday 20 January 9:30am: Dr Jamie Blundell, Early Detection Programme, Dept of Oncology 
Mathematical and evolutionary approaches to cancer 

Thursday 27 January 9:30am: Dr Harry BulstrodeNeurosurgeon and Post Doctoral Clinical Fellow at The Francis Crick Institute 
Clinical Treatment and Cancer Stem Cell Biology in Malignant Glioma 

Thursday 3 February:  Dr Barry Davies, Global Project Leader, Oncology Combinations, Early Oncology, AstraZeneca.

Thursday 10 February: No lecture 

Thursday 17 February 9:30am Dr Simon Cook, Babraham Institute 
The Challenges in Therapeutic Targeting of the RAF-MEK-ERK Signalling Pathway 
Thursday 24 February 9:30amDr Namshik Han, Head of Computational Biology, Milner Therapeutics Institute
Artificial Intelligence for identifying novel therapeutic targets, biomarkers and drug repositioning opportunities.

Thursday 3 March 9:30amDr Richard Baird, Breast Cancer Programme, 
Breast Cancer - Demographics, Presentation, Diagnosis and the Patient Pathway
William Harvey Lecture Theatre, School of Clinical Medicine
Thursday 10 March 9:30am: Dr Amos Burke, Clinical Consultant - Department of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care, Cambridge University Hospitals.
 Paediatric malignancies: an overview.
 William Harvey Lecture Theatre, School of Clinical Medicine
Thursday 17 March 9:30am:Dr Simón Méndez-Ferrer, Dept of Haematology. 
The bone marrow microenvironment in myeloid malignancies.
Thursday 24 March 9:30am: Professor Paul Pharoah, Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology. 
Epidemiology of ovarian cancer
Lecture Theatre 2 in the  School of Clinical Medicine.
Thursday 31 March 9:30amDr Eric Rahrmann, CRUK Cambridge Institute 
In vivo functional screens for modelling cancer initiation and progression 
Thursday 7 April 9:30  Dr James Brenton, CRUK Cambridge Institute
Biological and Clinical features of high grade serous ovarian cancer

Easter Term 2022

Thursday 28th April 9:30am:  Dr Jason Carroll, CRUK Cambridge Institute
The role of transcription factors in cancer.
Thursday 5th May 9:30am : Dr Thankamma Ajithkumar, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The promise of proton therapy in Paediatric tumours.  

Thursday 12th May 9:30am: Dr Suzanne Turner, Dept of Pathology, Cambridge University 
William Harvey Lecture Theatre, School of Clinical Medicine.
Frontiers in paediatric cancer research. 

Thursday 19th May 9:30amProf Ewan St John Smith, Department of Pathology, Cambridge University
Cancer resistance in the naked mole-rat, a tale of transformation. 
Thursday 26th May 9:30am Dr Cathy Wilson  Department of Pharmacology 
Understanding Myc Transcription
Thursday 9th June 9:30amDr Maike de La Roche  CRUK Cambridge Institute
Hh signalling and the anti-tumour immune response: biology and new treatment opportunities
 cancelled: Thursday 16th June 9:30am:  Dr Elisabete Silva  Brunel University London
The impact of environmental factors on cancer

 Thursday 23rd June 9:30am:  Dr Walid Khaled Dept of Pharmacology/ Cambridge Stem Cell Institute 
 Cell differentiation and tumour initiation - two sides of the coin
Thursday 30th June 9:30am: Prof Grant Stewart, Dept of Surgery, Cambridge University Hospitals NHSFT
Kidney cancer: The most lethal urological malignancy