Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine

Dr Paul Edwards
Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine series
Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine series

 These talks aim to give a general introduction to cancer biology and medicine and all students and staff are welcome to attend.

We are returning to in-person presentation  and attendance in the School of Clinical Medicine. The lectures will take place every Thursday from 9.30-10.30 in the William Harvey Lecture Theatre - this is the large lecture hall  but there will be a limited capacity of 75 attendees  to facilitate  social distancing. Please observe the instructions to attendees and to leave the space of an empty  seat between you and the next member of the audience.

 The lecture series is also listed on the talks.cam website 

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Michaelmas Term 2021

Thursday 21 October 9:30am: Dr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Tumour structure and nomenclature  

Thursday 28 October 9:30am: Dr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Overview of the core ideas in cancer research

Thursday 4 November 9:30am: Dr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology 
The mutations that drive cancer
Thursday 11 November 9:30am: Dr Sakari Vanharanta, MRC Cancer Unit
Introduction to the biology of metastasis  
Thursday 18 November 9:30am: Dr Gary Doherty, CUH NHS Foundation Trust  
Systematic anti-cancer therapy 

Thursday 25 November 9:30am: Professor Steve Jackson, The Gurdon Institute 
DNA repair: translating mechanistic insights towards new cancer therapies. 

Thursday 2 December 9:30am: SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Professor Jacob Stegenga,  Department of History and Philosophy of Science: Care and Cure:an Introduction to  Philosophy of Medicine

Thursday 9 December 9:30am: Professor Brian Huntly, Department of Haematology:  
 Cancer stem cells, evolution and heterogeneity

Thursday 16 December 10:00am: TBC 

To be updated-please find below the details of the lectures which were presented in  2020-21

Lent Term 2021
Thursday 7 JanuaryDr Simón Méndez-Ferrer, Dept of Haematology. 
The bone marrow microenvironment in myeloid malignancies.

Thursday 14 January: Dr Christine Parkinson, Dept of Oncology, CUH NHS Foundation Trust 
Cancer Immunotherapy

Thursday 21 January: Dr Raj Jena, Dept of Oncology & Mr Adel Helmy, Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, CUH NHS Foundation Trust
A scientist’s guide to the art of radiation therapy & Neurosurgery for the Oncologist
Thursday 28 January  Dr Harry Bulstrode, Neurosurgeon, Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Clinical Treatment and Cancer Stem Cell Biology in Malignant Glioma 

Thursday 4 February: no lecture
Thursday 11 February: Dr Barry Davies, Director, Clinical and Translational Scientific Alliances, AstraZeneca.
The AKT inhibitor Capivasertib (AZD5363): from discovery to clinical proof of concept
Thursday 18 February: Dr Simon Cook, Babraham Institute 
The Challenges in Therapeutic Targeting of the RAF-MEK-ERK Signalling Pathway

Thursday 25 February: Prof Ferdia Gallagher, Department of Radiology, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust : Oncological imaging: introduction and non-radionuclide techniques  and  Dr Luigi Aloj, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Oncological Imaging: radionuclide techniques
Thursday 4 March: Dr Jamie Blundell, Early Detection Programme, Dept of Oncology 
Mathematical and evolutionary approaches to cancer 
Thursday 11 March: Dr Charlie Massie, Dept of Oncology & Mr Harveer Dev, Clinical Lecturer  Early Detection Programme
Early detection and treatment of lethal prostate cancer.

Thursday 18 March: Dr Amos Burke, Clinical Consultant - Department of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Paediatric malignancies: an overview. 

Thursday 25 MarchDr Richard Baird, Breast Cancer Programme, 
Breast Cancer - Demographics, Presentation, Diagnosis and the Patient Pathway

 Easter Term 2021

Thursday 15 April:  Dr Robert Rintoul, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Frank  McCaughan Dept of Biochemistry
Lung Cancer. Part 1. Patient pathway and Intervention;  Part 2: Futurescape
Thursday 22 April: Professor Paul Pharoah, Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology. 
This lecture has been pre-recorded as Prof Pharoah is no longer able to deliver it at the scheduled time. Please access it via this link: Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer
Thursday 29th April:  Dr Jason Carroll, CRUK Cambridge Institute
The role of transcription factors in cancer. 
Thursday 6th May: Dr Namshik Han, Head of Computational Biology, Milner Therapeutics Institute
Artificial Intelligence for identifying novel therapeutic targets, biomarkers and drug repositioning opportunities.

Thursday 13th May: Prof Grant Stewart,  Dept of Surgery, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Kidney cancer: The most lethal urological malignancy. NB this lecture was not recorded.
Thursday 20th May: Dr Suzanne Turner, Dept of Pathology, Cambridge University
Frontiers in paediatric cancer research. 
Thursday 27th May: Dr Thankamma Ajithkumar, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The promise of proton therapy in Paediatric tumours.  

Thursday 3rd June: Dr James Brenton, CRUK Cambridge Institute
Biological and Clinical features of high grade serous ovarian cancer
Thursday 10th June: Dr Cathy Wilson, Dept of Pharmacology.
Understanding Myc Transcription  

Thursday 17th June: Mr Raaj Praseedom, consultant & transplant surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
Diagnostics and patient pathways in pancreatic cancer 

Thursday 24th June Dr Giulia Biffi , CRUK Cambridge Institute  
It takes a village: targeting the non-cancerous neighbours to fight pancreatic cancer 
Thursday 1st July: Dr Eric Rahrmann, CRUK Cambridge Institute 
In vivo functional screens for modelling cancer initiation and progression 
No lecture 8th July

Thursday 15th July: Dr Ignacia Arteaga, Dept of Social Anthropology 
From another lens: An anthropological perspective on cancer and care in the UK.
Thursday 22nd July: Prof John Doorbar, Dept of Pathology 
Viral Oncology