Lectures in Cancer Biology and Medicine

Paul Edwards
Prof Brian Huntly delivering talk 2023
Amos Burke
Maike de la Roche
Rahul Roychoudhuri
Eric Rahrmann
Mireia Crispin
Prof Sir Steve Jackson
Antonis Antoniou
Cathy Wilson
Jay Carroll
Jamie Blundell

These talks aim to give a general introduction to cancer biology and medicine. Students, researchers and other staff are welcome to attend. Unless otherwise stated, the lectures take place in-person every Thursday from 9.30-10.30 in the School of Clinical Medicine: either in the Theo Chalmers Lecture Theatre or the William Harvey Lecture Theatre  (check display board in reception foyer). The lectures are not being streamed live online.

You can subscribe to the list and receive reminders about lectures on this link: http://www.talks.cam.ac.uk/show/index/8177. This is best done with your crsid@cam.ac.uk email if you have one.

For more information contact the CRUK Cambridge Centre Training Programme: training@cancer.cam.ac.uk


Easter  Term 2024

Thursday 11 July 9:30am:
Dr Harveer Dev,  Early Cancer Institute, Cambridge University Hospitals and Department of Oncology.
Translating the biology of epigenetics into clinical applications for cancer
Theo Chalmers Lecture Theatre
Thursday 18 July 9:30am
Prof Jean Abraham,  Director, Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit, Cambridge University Hospitals and Department of Oncology.
Leveraging the Virtuous Cycle: Clinical Trials - Translational Science - Basic Science
Theo Chalmers Lecture Theatre

 Previous Lectures 2023- 2024

 Thursday 19 October 9:30amDr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Tumour  pathology, structure and nomenclature 
Thursday 26 October 9:30amDr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology
Core ideas in cancer research 1: genes and genetic instability
Thursday 02 November 9:30amDr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biology 
 Core ideas in cancer research 2: cell biology
Thursday 09 November 9:30amDr Paul Edwards, Emeritus Reader in Cancer Biolog
The mutations that drive cancer  

Thursday 16 November 9:30am: Dr Benjamin Chin-Yee,
Haematologist (Western University, Canada);  MA in History and Philosophy of Science.
Precision oncology: a philosophical perspective

Thursday 23 November 9:30amProf Sir Steve Jackson, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute 
DNA repair: translating mechanistic insights towards new cancer therapies. 

Thursday 30 November 9:30amProf Brian Huntly, Department of Haematology 
Cancer stem cells, evolution and heterogeneity 
Thursday 07 Decemberr 9:30am: Prof Margaret AshcroftDepartment of Medicine 
 Hypoxia, HIFs and cancer

Thursday 14 Decemberr 9:30am: Prof Christian Frezza, Professor of Metabolomics in Ageing,  CECAD Research Center, University Hospital Cologne
Cancer metabolism, a hallmark of cancer  (online lecture)
....................................................................... Lent term.......................................................................
Thursday 11 January 9:30amDr Maike de la Roche  Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute 
Cancer immunology 1:  Hh signalling and the anti-tumour immune response: biology and new treatment opportunities

Thursday 18 January  9:30amProf Rahul Roychoudhuri,  Department of Pathology.  
Cancer immunology 2:  Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Thursday 25 January 9:30amDr Bidesh Mahata, Department of Pathology. 
Cancer immunology 3:  Steroid hormone regulation of  cancer immunity
Thursday 01 February 9:30amDr Eric Rahrmann, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. 
 Redefining metastasis: what we know and where we are going

Thursday 08 February   No Lecture
Thursday 15 February  12:00Dr Jason Mellad, Co-Founder and CEO of Startcodon.  
"Meet the Expert": How to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur 
Thursday 22 February 9:30amProf Antonis Antoniou,  Department of Public Health and Primary Care.  
The development of cancer risk prediction models and their applications to prevention and early detection 
Thursday 29 February 9:30amProf Suzanne Turner,  Department of Pathology.  
Frontiers in paediatric cancer research 
Thursday 07 March 9:30amDr Iva Tchasovnikarova,  Gurdon Institute, Department of Biochemistry.  
Fluorogenetic interrogation of epigenetic pathways

Thursday 14 March 9:30amProf Jason Carroll, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. 
The role of transcription factors in cancer
Thursday 21 March 9:30amProf Elisa Laurenti,   Wellcome -MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.  
Clonal haematopoiesis, early detection and pre-leukemia to leukemia development

....................................................................Easter Term...........................................................
Thursday 11 April 9:30amDr David Adams, Wellcome Sanger Institute.  
Understanding the cancer genome base-by-base
Thursday 18 April 9:30am:  Dr Gill Barnett, Department of Oncology, Strangeways Research Laboratory 
and Dr Christopher Jones Department of Oncology and Cambridge University Hospitals.  
The role of radiation in cancer care: a spotlight on cancers of the oesophagus, head and neck  
Thursday 25 April 9:30amDr Daniel Munoz Espin, Early Cancer Institute and Department of Oncology.  
Role of cellular senescence in cancer and ageing: therapeutic opportunities
Thursday 02 May 9:30am:  Dr Siddhartha Kar, Early Cancer Institute and Department of Oncology.    
Biological and clinical insights from genome-wide association studies of cancer
Thursday 09 May 9:30am:
Prof Ewan St John Smith,  Department of Pharmacology.    
Cancer resistance in the naked mole-rat: tales of transformation and more!
Thursday 16 May 9:30am:
Prof John Doorbar, Department of Pathology    
Cancer Virology 
Thursday 23 May 9:30am
Dr Catherine Lindon, Department of Pharmacology 
Targeted Protein Degradation tools for novel therapeutic strategies in cancer

Thursday 30 May 9:30am
Dr Jamie Blundell, Early Cancer Institute and Department of Oncology.    
The two-hit hypothesis and other mathematical models of cancer
Thursday 06 June 9:30am:
Dr Mireia Crispin Ortuzar, Early Cancer Institute and Department of Oncology. 
Machine learning: applications to cancer
 Thursday 13 June 9:30am:
Dr Tom Mitchell  Early Cancer Institute and Department of Surgery.
Does reconstructing the past history of kidney cancer help predict clinical behaviour?

Thursday 20 June 9:30am:
Dr Simon Pacey, Cambridge University Hospitals and Department of Oncology
Early cancer trials
Thursday 27 June 9:30am
Dr Raj Jena,  Cambridge University Hospitals and Department of Oncology
A scientists guide to the art of radiation therapy      and
Mr Adel Helmy, Department of Clinical Neuroscience and Cambridge University Hospitals
Neurosurgery for the oncologist 
Thursday 04 July 9:30am
Dr Bristi Basu,  Cambridge University Hospitals and Department of Oncology:
Pancreatic cancer - the clinical challenge     and
Dr Giulia Biffi, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute:
Why the microenvironment matters during pancreatic cancer progression and treatment