CRUK Major Centre

The Cambridge Cancer Centre is one of three CRUK Centres to achieve designation as a Major Centre. The Centre is a vital research hub for the Cancer Research UK centre network, drawing together expertise, encouraging collaborative research, and bridging the gap between innovative laboratory work and patient benefit. The combination of scientific excellence across a range of disciplines within the University, the high concentration of world-class biomedical laboratories, and the high quality of clinical practice at Addenbrooke’s Hospital ensures Cambridge is leading innovative cancer research.

Our Research Programmes
The Centre combines world-class science and technology with excellent patient care to pioneer new ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. Laboratory and clinical research is aligned to 12 cross-disciplinary programmes.
Our Collaborations
Cambridge is a hub for innovation and enterprise forming many national and international links for our scientific and clinical programmes.
Our Strategic Resources
There are a number of important resources that provide cutting edge technology and expertise to support our programmes. These are augmented by internationally recognised translational and clinical programmes.
Strategic Resources

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Stained cross-section through kidney blood vessel
Cambridge kidney researchers show that first seeds of the disease are sown in adolescence.
Tasmanian devil Credit: Mathias Appel
Human anti-cancer drugs could help treat transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils.
Human primary liver cancer-derived organoids as a new tool for disease modeling and drug screening.
Cambridge research groups growing mini-livers, mini-brains, mini-oesophaguses, mini-lungs and other organs are helping to transform biomedical research.