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"We have world-class scientists in Cambridge and fantastic clinical researchers that include doctors, physicists, radiographers and nurses. CRUK's RadNet funding gives us a real opportunity to bring all this expertise together into one big team that is completely committed to radiotherapy research. We will be focusing on breast, lung and children's brain tumours, and will work closely with the whole radiotherapy research community in partnership with patients. Our united goal is to enable everyone needing radiotherapy to achieve the best chance of cure with the least side effects."

Charlotte Coles, Director of CRUK RadNet Cambridge.

A patient receiving radiotherapy treatment at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

Welcome to CRUK RadNet Cambridge!

Cancer Research UK's radiation research network, known as CRUK RadNet, is a national network of seven centres of excellence in radiation research. It unites the Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford, the CRUK City of London Centre, and the Institute of Cancer Research in partnership with the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London.

This CRUK investment brings together researchers from across discovery, translational and clinical science. Our shared vision is to establish an effective pipeline to translate novel scientific discoveries into patient benefit in the next 10–⁠15 years.

At CRUK RadNet Cambridge, the funding supports our researchers to understand how radiation interacts with cancer cells at the molecular level to find out how they become resistant to radiotherapy and how this can be overcome.

Our scientists and doctors also use the latest gene-editing technology to search for new genetic targets for drug-radiotherapy combinations. They will trial these new combinations and develop biomarkers to predict how patients will respond to radiotherapy. And they will use artificial intelligence to predict how tumour cells and normal cells will react to treatment.

Professor Charlotte Coles, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge is the Director of CRUK RadNet Cambridge. In this video, Charlotte describes the role of radiotherapy in breast cancer treatment and tells us about her research. She then goes on to explain what RadNet is and how it helps to drive the progress of radiation research, what developments in radiotherapy excite her the most, and what progress she hopes will be made over the next 20 years.


University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Department of Oncology
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University of Cambridge
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