About the Centre

The CRUK Cambridge Centre is the collaboration of scientists and clinicians from Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Cambridge, independent research institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the Cambridge area. With its reputation for world-class research and clinical excellence, Cambridge is a natural focal point for combining innovative cancer science with high quality patient care in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

Our vision
In Cambridge our aim for cancer is to bring together research across different disciplines to develop a proactive approach to detecting cancer earlier and treating it more precisely.
Our partners and faculty
Our partner organisations lead cutting-edge research in all aspects of cancer science, from basic cell biology to enhanced imaging of tumours and identifying genetic risk through large population studies.
Our achievements
The CRUK Cambridge Centre is one of seven Centres across the UK, and is the only designated Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Europe based in a general hospital rather than a specialist cancer hospital.
Our organisation
The core partners of the CRUK Cambridge Centre are Cancer Research UK, the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They form the Governance Board.
Our members
Over 1000 researchers and clinicians are members of the Centre. They are committed to accelerating groundbreaking discoveries in cancer science and translating new research into clinical services.
Our members
Engaging our local community
We organise a range of events for our local communities to demonstrate our research and to explain how scientific breakthroughs are improving cancer prevention, diagnosis and care.