CRUK Cambridge Centre membership

A key goal of the CRUK Cambridge Centre is to connect all the diverse research strands and organisations to form an active cancer science community in the Cambridge region in order to stimulate new research possibilities.
In addition to connecting key cancer-focused institutions in the Cambridge area, the Centre offers…
  • introduction to a vibrant research community of cancer scientists and doctors in the Cambridge area
  • opportunities and support for collaborative research initiatives across different disciplines
  • opportunities to apply for pump-priming funds for new inter-disciplinary research projects involving two or more groups
  • access to shared clinical and laboratory resources 
  • events and scientific meetings throughout the year, such as those organised by the Early Detection Programme
  • education and training for graduate non-clinical and clinical students
If you are located in the Cambridge area and your research is cancer-related please contact us to find out more about joining the CRUK Cambridge Centre.
Membership Charter
All members of the CRUK Cambridge Centre are located within the Cambridge area and involved with cancer-related research. Members are required to support the following guiding principles of the CRUK Cambridge Centre.
Scientific collaboration
The CRUK Cambridge Centre supports and encourages scientific collaborations across diverse disciplines.
Education and training
The Centre funds 5 MRes + PhD Studentships for non-clinical students and up to 5 Clinical Fellowships each year.
Mentoring and advice – Members are also encouraged to support the training and development of clinical and non-clinical staff through informal mentoring and advice.
Sharing resources
Laboratory equipment and facilities – Members are requested to share information about their specialised laboratory facilities with the aim of sharing access where spare capacity is identified, and jointly procuring new equipment and facilities.
Tissue Bank – Members are asked to contribute to and facilitate the provision of samples for Addenbrooke’s Tissue Bank.

Promoting the Centre
CRUK Cambridge Centre brand – Members are obliged to acknowledge the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre brand in their research activity and publications.

CRUK Cambridge Centre website – Members are required to create, and keep up to date, their profile page on this website. Members will acknowledge their participation in the Centre on their partner organisation website and link to the CRUK Cambridge Centre website.
Public engagement – Members are encouraged to support events and activities to raise awareness of the CRUK Cambridge Centre, as well as cancer research and clinical innovations in Cambridge.

Benefits of membership
A number of meetings and networking events, meetings and workshops are provided free of charge for Members. If Members are organising their own meetings, the CRUK Cambridge Institute Lecture Theatre may be booked for large cancer-related events at no charge to Members. 

Pump-priming funds – Members can apply for pump-priming funds, if they are offered from their Programme, to support new collaborative projects across disciplines.