Our organisation

Scientific Advisory Board
The Centre is guided and supported by an international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) that is shared with the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.
Our governance and management
The core partners of the CRUK Cambridge Centre are Cancer Research UK, the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Representatives from these three organisations form the Governance Board of the Centre. They are responsible for the overall strategic planning for the Centre, and meet twice a year.

The CRUK Cambridge Centre is run by an Executive Committee, who determine the strategy and budget allocations across the Centre. The committee is composed of representatives from our Research Programmes, Virtual Institutes and Affliated Institutes, and a number of Associate Directors. They meet quarterly.
The day-to-day operations of the Centre are carried out by a small administrative team who have an office in the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, located near Addenbrooke’s Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Please see the Contact us page if you would like to get in touch with us. Each of our Research Programmes and Virtual Institutes has a dedicated programme manager who manages Centre-allocated budgets and faciliatates research objectives.
Richard Gilbertson, Director
Ken Seamon, Director for Scientific Development and Global Collaborations
Sarah Burge, Director of Clinical Integration
Anna Nicholson, Scientific Collaborations Manager
Karen Barker, Scientific Operations Manager
Gethin Sanger, Finance Manager
Katie Edwards, Communications Manager
Rhys Grant, Public Engagement Manager
Kelly O'Reilly, Research Administrator
Cherry May Sanchez, CRUK Senior Research Nurse
Birgitta Olofsson, Training Programme Manager
Governance Board
Richard Gilbertson, Director, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Chair)
Hugo Ford, Director Division B, Cambridge University Hospitals
Peter Jones, Chair, Scientific Adivsory Board
Patrick Maxwell, 
Regius Professor of Physic, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge
Miles Parkes, Director, NIHR Cambridge BRC
Alex Pemberton/Brooke Lumesci, Cancer Research UK
Anna Philpott, Head, School of Biological Sciences, Univesrity of Cambridge
Executive Committee
Richard Gilbertson, Director, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Chair)
Robert Rintoul, Thoracic Services (Thoracic Cancer programme lead)
Daniel Munoz-Espin, Dept of Oncology (Thoracic Cancer programme lead)
Jean Abraham, Dept of Oncology (Precision Breast Cancer Institute lead)
Jason Carroll, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Precision Breast Cancer Institute lead)
Kevin Brindle, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Advanced Cancer Imaging programme lead)
Luigi Aloj, Dept of Radiology (Advanced Cancer Imaging programme lead)
Mike Chapman, MRC Toxicology Unit (Cancer Immunology programme lead)
Ben Uttenthal, Cambridge University Hospitals (Cancer Immunology programme lead)
David Adams, Wellcome Sanger Institute (Cell and Molecular Biology programme lead)
Anna Philpott, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (Cell and Molecular Biology programme lead)
Rebecca Fitzgerald, Hutchison Research Centre (Director, Early Cancer Institute)
George Vassiliou, Dept of Haematology (Haematological Malignancies programme lead)
Brian Huntly, Dept of Haematology (Haematological Malignancies programme lead)
Stephen Price, Dept of Clinical Neurosciences (Brain Cancer Virtual Institute lead)
Richard Mair, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Brain Cancer Virtual Institute lead)
Mireia Crispin-Ortuzar, Dept of Oncology (Mark Foundation Institute for Integrated Cancer Medicine lead and Ovarian Cancer Programme Lead)
James Brenton, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Ovarian Cancer programme lead)
James Nicholson, Dept of Paediatric Onc and Haem (Paediatric Cancer programme lead)
Suzanne Turner, Dept of Pathology (Paediatric Cancer programme lead)
Bristi Basu, Dept of Oncology (Pancreatic Cancer programme lead)
Giulia Biffi, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Pancreatic Cancer programme lead)
Grant Stewart, Dept of Surgery (Urological Malignancies programme lead)
Brent O'Carrigan, Dept of Oncology (Urological Malignancies programme lead)
Cherry May Sanchez, CRUK Senior Research Nurse (Nursing and Allied Health Professionals programme lead)
Charlotte Coles, Dept of Oncology (CRUK RadNet Cambridge lead)
Julie Ahringer, Gurdon Institute (Director, Gurdon Institute)
Tony Kouzarides, Milner Therapeutics Institute (Director, Milner Therapeutics Institute)
Nicola McCarthy, Milner Therapeutics Institute (Consortium Manager, Milner Therapeutics Institute)
Greg Hannon, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Director of CRUK Cambridge Institute)
Karen Woodey, CRUK Cambridge Institute (Director of Operations, CRUK Cambridge Institute)
Daniel Hodson, Dept of Haematology (Associate Director for Clinical Education and Training, clinical)
Rahul Roychoudhuri, Dept of Pathology (Associate Director for Clinical Training and Education, non-clinical)
Hugo Ford, Cambridge University Hospitals (Associate Director for Clinical Research)
Sarah Smith, Cambridge University Hospitals (Service lead for Clinical Oncology)
Amos Burke, Cambridge University Hospitals
Elaine Chapman, Cambridge University Hospitals
Alex Colquhoun, Cambridge University Hospitals
Pippa Corrie, Cambridge University Hospitals
Karen McAdam, Cambridge University Hospitals
Carrie Symington, Cambridge University Hospitals
Ferdia Gallagher, Dept of Radiology, Cambridge University Hospitals
Duncan Jodrell, Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre
Doug Easton, Dept of Public Health and Primary Care (Associate Director for Epidemiology and Public Health)
Phil Jones, Wellcome Sanger Institute (Associate Director for Genetics and Genomics)
Susan Galbraith, AstraZeneca
Tim Eisen, University of Cambridge and Roche
Ken Seamon, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Director for Scientific Development and Global Collaborations)
Sarah Burge, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Director of Clinical Integration)
Anna Nicholson, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Scientific Collaborations Manager)
Karen Barker, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Scientific Operations Manager)
Birgitta Olofsson, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Training Programme Manager)
Katie Edwards, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Communications Manager)
Rhys Grant, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Public Engagement Manager)
Kelly O'Reilly, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Administrator)
Viv Ronco, Dept of Oncology (Business Operations Manager)
Gethin Sanger, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Finance Manager)
Alberto Sciretti, CRUK Cambridge Centre (Finance Coordinator)
Broooke Lumicisi (CRUK Centres Manager)
Matthew Ashenden (CRUK Senior Research Funding Manager)
Mary-Jane Boland (Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations)
Amy Propsting (Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations)
Ann Russell (Patient and Public Involvement representative)
Marijcke Veltman-Grisenthwaite (Patient and Public Involvement representative)

Funding innovative cancer science
The CRUK Cambridge Centre is funded by Cancer Research UK, the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and the Medical Research Council. Many of our research projects are also enabled by grants from other providers, which are acknowledged in the Research pages. The Centre also accepts commercial and individual donations to further our research into cancer science and to speed up the application of new discoveries into clinical practice.