Overview of postdoctoral opportunities

The Cambridge Cancer Centre offers a wealth of opportunities for postdoctoral research fellows. The Centre’s partner organisations recruit the best scientists in their fields – from basic cell biology and cancer genomics to computational biology and population sciences – and help them develop a career in translational cancer research.

Postdoctoral fellows benefit from the Centre’s collaborations across a wide range of scientific disciplines as well as the close links between the clinic and the laboratory. Many of the research leaders across the Centre are medically qualified and continue with clinical practice alongside their research, acting as role models for scientists at the start of their career. 

Fellows are offered training and support by the Centre to develop their research skills (laboratory management, forming collaborations and networking), transferable skills (presentation skills, project and time management skills) and academic skills (preparing grant applications, writing scientific papers and reviewing papers). They are assigned a mentor to guide their progress.

Please see our partner organisations’ vacancy pages for current postdoctoral opportunities...

Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Babraham Institute

Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

Cambridge Institute of Public Health 

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

European Bioinformatics Institute

MRC Cancer Unit at the University of Cambridge

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Papworth Hospital

Strangeways Research Laboratory, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Strangeways Research Laboratory, Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology 

Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute

Wellcome Trust Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

University of Cambridge