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Consumables and computer purchase

You will have access to a consumables budget (amount found on your award letter). A so called project code (cost centre) will be set up for you in your Department. You can use this consumables budget to purchase a computer or other IT equipment. 
Note, your computer or IT equipment should not exceed £1000 (with some small flexibility). Costlier equipment will need justification and approval from CRUK. Quotes can be from e.g. Dell or Academia (for Macs). Please contact our CRUK CC finance coordinatorAlberto Sciretti.
For acceptable expenditure on CRUK funding see here.
Similarly, if you attend conferences and courses, you can use up to £2000 during the length of your PhD without any justification or approval from your consumables budget. Again above this amount we need to seek approval from CRUK. The training programme can also help if more than one student is interested in a particular course.


If you need to claim expenses, please follow this guidance:
  1. If  you are a CRFT please use SAP-concur
  2. If you are an MRes+PhD student please use the Form FD1A/1 (=for students receiving maintenance payment via the payroll system). More information and claims forms in other format (excel and word of the FD1A/1) can be found here


Hopefully you will publish lots of impactful science.
There is funding available to help with costs associated with Open access publications. The University receives block grants to cover article processing charges for papers that acknowledge a research grant such as CRUK. Please find more info here.
It is also important that you acknowledge your funding source.
Please follow these guidelines.

 PLEASE FIND the full MRes handbook HERE

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