Clinical Trials

 Updated May 2022

Trial Short Name Molecular Target(s)   Patient Population Lead Investigator(s)
in Cambridge
ACTion IL-23 / AR mCRPC (pre chemotherapy, progression on Abiraterone/ Enzaltuamide/ similar) S Pacey
ATRiUM ATR Solid tumours- ATR with gemcitabine. Particular interest in ARID1A mut, ATM loss D Jodrell
AZD1390 ATM with RT Glioblastoma  S Jefferies




Advanced breast, prostate, ovarian cancers. With mutations in: BRCA1 / BRCA2 / PALB2 / RAD51.

AZD5305 A PARP1-isoform selective 2nd-gen PARP inhibitor

R Baird
AZD6738 ATR Ovarian cancer expansion (Post PARPi, BRCAm, platinum sensitive) D Jodrell, B Basu
AZD9833 (SERENA-1) ER ER+ HER2- advanced breast cancer- oral SERD in combination with abemaciclib/ everolimus / capivasertib R Baird
Basket of Baskets


  • PD-L1
  • FGFR
  • MET

Advanced solid tumours- tumour DNA sequencing then therapy matched to molecular profile for subsets of patients:

  • Arm 1) atezolizumab for tumour mutational burden (12-16)
  • Arm 2) futibatinib for FGFR mutations / amplifications
  • Arm 3) MET inhibitor (in setup)
 R Baird


  • TROP-2
  • HER2-low 

 1st line metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: durvalumab plus:

  • TROP2-targeted ADC- datopotamab deruxtecan
  • HER2- targeted ADC- trastuzumab deruxtecan
 R Baird
BT1718 MT1-MMP NSCLC, solid tumours with high MT1-MMP expression B Basu
BT5528 EphA2 Ovarian, urothelial. Solid tumours (EphA2 expressing) B Basu
CONCORDE-B (NCT04550104):     ATM with RT A study of a DNA damage response inhibitor (ATMi; AZD1390) in combination with conventional, radical radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (stage IIb/III).  H Yang/D Jodrell
CCS1477 P300/CBP mCRPC or solid tumours with actionable target related to p300/CBP inhibition e.g. ARID1A/p300/CBP mt; / c-MYC amplification or tumour with high likelihood e.g. small cell cancer S Pacey
DESTINY-Breast-07 (NCT04538742):   HER2 HER2-targeting ADC (TDXd) in combination with other anti-cancer therapies - 1st line treatment of metastatic HER2+ Breast Cancer R Baird
MCLA- 158 LGR5/EGFR Squamous cell head and neck cancer E Smyth/ D Jodrell
Merck M1774 (NCT04170153) ARID1A, ATRX, DAXX, ATM  Metastatic or advanced solid tumours, ATR inhibitor  B Basu
Nurix 1607 (NCT05107674) Immunomodulator Advanced solid tumours without treatment options, CBL-B inhibitor  S Pacey
Paradigm-2 PARP GBM S Jefferies
PATRIOT ATR Any tumour type – palliative radiotherapy combined with ATR inhibitor  R Baird 
Timepoint- MTLCEBPα PD1 and CEBP Solid tumours- Ovarian, pancreatic, colorectal, oesophago-gastric, met. prostate, GBM TNBC B Basu