Clinical Trials

The Early Phase Trials team have decided to suspend recruitment of patients as a result of the evolving situation with COVID-19. We feel that this is appropriate and takes into consideration multiple factors such as the risk to patients associated with increased travelling, additional hospital visits to Addenbrooke's and concerns about the uncertainty of possible side effects associated with experimental therapy (such as myelo- and immuno-suppression or pneumonitis).
 (Last updated 20/07/2020)

Trial Short Name Molecular Target(s)   Patient Population Lead Investigator(s)
in Cambridge
AZD1390 ATM with RT Glioblastoma  S Jeffries / G Doherty
Basket of Baskets PD-L1 Solid tumours with high mutational load/MSI  R Baird
CALIBRATION ctDNA evaluation Advanced oesophageal malignancies S Pacey
GO40782  NTRK1/2/3 Proven NTRK1/2/3 gene rearrangements   S Pacey
LEAP-005 PD-1 & RTK Advanced TNBC, ovarian cancer, gastric cancer, GBM or BTC B Basu 
PATRIOT ATR Any tumour type – palliative radiotherapy combined with ATR inhibitor  R Baird 
MOv18 igE α-folate receptor  Gyane aFR+ B Basu
Atrium ATR Solid tumours D Jodrell
AZD9833 ER ER+ HER2- advanced breast cancer R Baird
PARADIGM-2 PARP Glioblastoma  S Jefferies/ R Baird
AZD6738  ATR inhibitor Non-small cell lung cancer, Squamous cell head and neck cancers, module 3 will be open to all comers D Jodrell
BT1718 MT1-MMP NSCLC, solid tumours with high MT1-MMP expression B Basu
Incyte 86550-102 Multiple Advanced solid tumours B Basu