Clinical Trials

The Early Phase Trials team have decided to suspend recruitment of patients as a result of the evolving situation with COVID-19. We feel that this is appropriate and takes into consideration multiple factors such as the risk to patients associated with increased travelling, additional hospital visits to Addenbrooke's and concerns about the uncertainty of possible side effects associated with experimental therapy (such as myelo- and immuno-suppression or pneumonitis).
 (Last updated 15/11/2021)

Trial Short Name Molecular Target(s)   Patient Population Lead Investigator(s)
in Cambridge
ACTion IL-23 / AR mCRPC (pre chemotherapy, progression on Abiraterone/ Enzaltuamide/ similar) S Pacey
ATRiUM ATR Solid tumours- ATR with gemcitabine. Particular interest in ARID1A mut, ATM loss D Jodrell
AZD1390 ATM with RT Glioblastoma  G Doherty




Advanced breast, prostate, ovarian cancers. With mutations in: BRCA1 / BRCA2 / PALB2 / RAD51.

AZD5305 A PARP1-isoform selective 2nd-gen PARP inhibitor

R Baird
AZD6738 ATR Ovarian cancer expansion (Post PARPi, BRCAm, platinum sensitive) D Jodrell, R Baird
AZD9833 (SERENA-1) ER ER+ HER2- advanced breast cancer- oral SERD in combination with abemaciclib/ everolimus / capivasertib R Baird
Basket of Baskets


  • PD-L1
  • FGFR
  • MET

Advanced solid tumours- tumour DNA sequencing then therapy matched to molecular profile for subsets of patients:

  • Arm 1) atezolizumab for tumour mutational burden (12-16)
  • Arm 2) futibatinib for FGFR mutations / amplifications
  • Arm 3) MET inhibitor (in setup)
 R Baird


  • TROP-2
  • HER2-low 

 1st line metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: durvalumab plus:

  • TROP2-targeted ADC- datopotamab deruxtecan
  • HER2- targeted ADC- trastuzumab deruxtecan
 R Baird
BT1718 MT1-MMP NSCLC, solid tumours with high MT1-MMP expression B Basu
BT5528 EphA2 Ovarian, urothelial. Solid tumours (EphA2 expressing) B Basu
CCS1477 P300/CBP mCRPC or solid tumours with actionable target related to p300/CBP inhibition e.g. ARID1A/p300/CBP mt; / c-MYC amplification or tumour with high likelihood e.g. small cell cancer S Pacey
GO40782  NTRK1/2/3 ROS1 Solid tumour, NTRK1/2/3 or ROS1 gene fusions  S Pacey
Incyte 86550- 102 MSI0H/dMMR MSI tumours B Basu
MCLA- 158 LGR5/EGFR Squamous cell head and neck cancer E Smyth/ D Jodrell
Paradigm-2 PARP GBM S Jeffries/ G Doherty
PATRIOT ATR Any tumour type – palliative radiotherapy combined with ATR inhibitor  R Baird 
TAS3681 AR

mCRPC (pre- and post chemotherapy)

S Pacey
Timepoint- MTLCEBPα PD1 and CEBP Solid tumours- Ovarian, pancreatic, colorectal, oesophago-gastric, met. prostate, GBM TNBC B Basu