Clinical Trials

These are the trials that are currently open in the Early Phase Unit (Last updated 18 January 2019).

Trial Short Name Molecular Target(s)   Patient Population Lead Investigator(s)
in Cambridge
AZD1390 ATM with RT Glioblastoma   S Jeffries / R Baird
 AZD6738 combo
with olaparib
 ATR/PARP  Gastric cancer (low ATM expression) & BRCA
mutation/HRD high breast cancer
 D Jodrell
AZD9833 ORAL SERD CDK4/6 ER positive, HER2 negative advanced breast cancer R Baird
Basket of Baskets PD-L1 Solid tumours with high mutational load/MSI  R Baird
BOS172722 Monopolar spindle 1 kinase inhibitor   Solid tumours suitable for weekly taxol  B Basu
CALIBRATE cfDNA evaluation Patients on early phase clinical trials R Baird / S Pacey
CALIBRATION ctDNA evaluation Advanced oesophageal malignancies S Pacey
 CamBMT1 phase II  EGFR/HER2 Operable brain metastasis (breast/lung)   R Baird
CURIS PD-1/PD-L1/VISTA Mesothelioma with FDA approved immunotherapy option S Pacey
 iBET Bromodomain  Haematologic malignancies  B Huntly 
MOv18 IgE IgE antibody/ α-FR α-Folate receptor over-expressing gynaecological tumours   B Basu
OUTREACH CEBPα Hepatocellular carcinoma   B Basu
PATRIOT ATR Any tumour type – palliative radiotherapy combined with ATR inhibitor  R Baird 
POSEIDON phase II PI3K HR+ metastatic breast cancer R Baird
 STARTRK2  NTRK1/2/3 Proven NTRK1/2/3 gene rearrangements   S Pacey
VAPER hTERT Advanced solid tumours R Baird