Clinical Trials

 Updated March 2024

Trial Short Name Molecular Target(s)   Patient Population Lead Investigator(s)
in Cambridge
ASCERTAIN PARP Newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients scheduled for curative radical prostatectomy. Randomised PARP, Darolutamide,PARP+Darolutamide. S Pacey
ASTEROID cIAP1/2 and XIAP Advanced solid tumours refractory to immune checkpoint inhibitors. In combination with Pembrolizumab.  B Basu
ATRiUM ATR Solid tumours- ATR with gemcitabine. Particular interest in ARID1A mut, ATM loss D Jodrell
AZD1390 ATM with RT Glioblastoma  R Jena




Advanced breast, prostate, ovarian, gatric cancers. With mutations in: BRCA1 / BRCA2 / PALB2 / RAD51.

AZD5305 A PARP1-isoform selective 2nd-gen PARP inhibitor

R Baird
AZD6738 ATR Ovarian cancer expansion (Post PARPi, BRCAm, platinum sensitive) D Jodrell, B Basu
AZD9833 (SERENA-1) ER ER+ HER2- advanced breast cancer- oral SERD in combination with abemaciclib/ everolimus / capivasertib R Baird
Basket of Baskets


  • PD-L1
  • FGFR
  • MET
  • EGFR

Advanced solid tumours- tumour DNA sequencing then therapy matched to molecular profile for subsets of patients:

  • Module 1) Atezolizumab immune-checkpoint blockade for genomically selected populations
  • Module 2) futibatinib for FGFR mutations / amplifications
  • Module 3) MET inhibitor
 R Baird
BEGONIA TROP-2 targeted ADC Metastatic TNBC. AKT inhibitor +/- Durvalumab/Paclitaxel R Baird
Bluestar (AZD8205) TOP1i B7-H4 expressing tumours: breast, ovarian, endometrial R Baird
BT5528 EphA2 Urothelial B Basu
CONCORDE-B (NCT04550104):     ATM with RT A study of a DNA damage response inhibitor (ATMi; AZD1390) in combination with conventional, radical radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (stage IIb/III).  H Yang/D Jodrell
CCS1477 P300/CBP mCRPC or solid tumours with actionable target related to p300/CBP inhibition e.g. ARID1A/p300/CBP mt; / c-MYC amplification or tumour with high likelihood e.g. small cell cancer S Pacey
Determine Rare genomic alterations/rare cancers Umbrella trial. Adult/TYA/Paeds. Genotype-matched treatments outside of licensed indication. B Basu
Heptares EP4 Solid tumours.  B Basu
INCB 106385-102 PD1 TGF-β1 Advanced solid tumours. B Basu
NeoRay GRPR Neuroendocrine, prostate. Radiation dosimetry targeting gastrin releasing peptide receptor. Radiolabelling and therapeutic agent L Aloj/S Pacey
Nurix 1607 (NCT05107674) Immunomodulator Advanced solid tumours without treatment options, CBL-B inhibitor  S Pacey
Petranha PARPi Prostate, AZD5305 in combination with new hormonal agents S Pacey
TARGET Genomic profiling on ctDNA Matched to experimental medicine therapies based on molecular and clinical characteristics B Basu