Early Phase Clinical Trials

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Team (EPCTT) was established in 2008 to focus on early phase trials and experimental medicine for priority cancers for the Anglia region.

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Team is continuing to work throughout these unusual times. We are utilising Zoom meetings to keep up to date with each other, and are able to offer virtual "Attend Anywhere" video appointments to patients. 

Early Phase Clinical Trials Team (EPCTT)

The Cambridge Early Phase Clinical Trials Team was established with the appointment of Professor Duncan Jodrell as chair of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics in 2008. The team underwent significant expansion in 2011 with the appointment of three further, full time University Academic Consultant Medical Oncology Physicians (Dr Bristi Basu, Dr Richard Baird and Dr Simon Pacey). The team works closely with clinical translational scientists across the Centre with specific expertise in breast, oesophageal, pancreatic, prostate and ovarian cancers, as well haematological malignancies. The current team comprises 17 staff and we work closely with colleagues from the Addenbrooke's Clinical Research Centre, which includes a dedicated day ward and inpatient beds providing our patients with access to state of the art 24/7 research facilities.

The purpose of early phase trials

Early phase trials aim to find out:

  • the correct dose for a new medicine
  • how often the drug should be given to ensure it remains effective
  • the effects the new medicine may have on your body, including side effects and toxicities
  • the effects of the new medicine on your cancer
  • how your body absorbs, circulates, changes and eliminates the new medicine – this is called the pharmacokinetics
How to find your way round this website

If you are a patient and want to know more about early phase trials, click on the Patients tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the relevant section, giving you information about the process of early phase trials. If you are a consultant wanting to make a referral, or you are a clinical fellow or nurse wanting to find out more information, please click on the Contact Us tab. A list of our open trials can be found here.


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