Our vision and strategy

Professor Richard Gilbertson, Li Ka Shing Chair of Oncology, CRUK Cambridge Centre Director

Professor Richard Gilbertson, Director of the CRUK Cambridge Centre

Our vision is to be a world leader in the development of ways to detect, monitor and cure cancer.

The mission of the CRUK Cambridge Centre is to end death and disease caused by cancer through research, treatment and education.

More than 900 laboratory researchers and physicians are pursuing this mission and are united through a 12 programme structure that brings together investigators working on: thoracic cancer, breast, haematological, brain, ovarian, paediatric, pancreatic and urological cancers

An additional four programmes focus on: cancer imaging, to promote our world-leading expertise in laboratory and clinical imaging research; cell and molecular biology, to engage our colleagues working in all aspects of biology relevant to cancer; early detection to support this special area of research emphasis in our CRUK Major Centre; and onco-innovation to provide a collaboration point for our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., AstraZeneca, Medimmune) as well as members from University departments in the physical sciences.

Our strategic objectives are:

1. Conduct impactful interdisciplinary cancer research - we will leverage Cambridge innovation to better understand the biology and treatment of cancer, including cancers of unmet need.

2. Adopt a proactive approach to cancer - we will change the way we treat cancer moving from a reactive system that waits for cancer to present, to a proactive, personalised strategy for all patients that detects cancer in its earliest form, intervenes precisely, and closely monitors the disease with non-invasive technologies.

3. Develop the cancer leaders of tomorrow - we will develop new cancer leaders, trained in early detection and integrated cancer medicine, producing a step change in the way oncology is practised by future generations.

4. Partner with the public - we will communicate to patients and the public to better explain the 'how' and 'why' of preventing and detecting cancer early.

One of the main principles of the CRUK Cambridge Centre is the open exchange of scientific knowledge and skills across the many disciplines involved in cancer science, creating a culture of continuous learning and development for all members.

In keeping with this aim, the Centre also supports a broad programme of formal education and training designed to nurture the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians.

Our strategic plan, below, explains our structure, aims and achievements in further detail.

Download our CRUK Cambridge Centre Structure and Strategy Beyond 2019

Download CRUK Cambridge Centre Structure and Stategy Beyond 2019 (7.2 MB file)

Download CRUK Cambridge Centre Structure and Strategy Beyond 2019 (3.7 MB file)