CRUK-Wellcome Gurdon Institute

The Gurdon Institute is a world-leading centre for research at the interface between developmental biology and cancer biology. The Institute is embedded within the University of Cambridge, with superb infrastructure core-funded by Wellcome and Cancer Research UK. Located in the heart of the city of Cambridge, the Gurdon Institute works closely with the CRUK Cambridge Centre and facilitates interactions across the University as well as with the vibrant technical hub of Silicon Fen.

The CRUK-Wellcome Gurdon Institute is affiliated with the CRUK Cambridge Centre
From cell biology to tissue mechanics

The mission of the Gurdon Institute is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of normal development, to determine how these mechanisms are subverted in cancer and other diseases, and to use this knowledge to develop new therapies. The 18 research groups address mechanisms that underlie development and disease through work in humans, model organisms, organoids and cell systems. They employ state-of-the-art technologies such as super-resolution imaging, single-cell analyses, genome engineering, genomics and computer modelling.


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