Paediatric Cancer and COVID19

Guidance for children and young people with cancer from CCLG (last updated 05 Jan 2021)|

Statement for CCLG funded researchers |

UK Paediatric Oncology Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring project |

Database of global molecular diagnostics from the University of Cambridge Dept of Sociology |

Resources and guidance from SIOP (International Society of Paediatric Oncology) |

Statement from SIOPE

Resources and guidance from RCPCH (all paediatrics) |

Cancer Core Europe healthcare systems report in Nature |

Pre-Print: Review and recommendations from the SIOPE Radiation Oncology working group |

The Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center for Childhood Cancer (St Jude Global) |

The COVID‐19 pandemic: A rapid global response for children with cancer from SIOP, COG, SIOP‐E, SIOP‐PODC, IPSO, PROS, CCI, and St Jude Global |

COVID–19 Advice to research grant holders from Children with Cancer UK |

Patient information from St Jude Children's Research Hospital

UICC Cancer and Coronavirus resources |