• Congratulations to Centre members on their election as members of prestigious European life science organisation, EMBO.
  • A new clinical decision-making tool analyses complex genetic and molecular data to personalise cancer treatment
  • Centre Director Professor Richard Gilbertson fronts Cancer Research UK appeal for support to kickstart research halted by COVID-19
  • Research on naked mole-rats reveals the microenvironment in their bodies stops them getting cancer
  • Many congratulations to Centre members on their well-deserved University promotions!
  • A promising new blood test to monitor cancer is up to ten times more sensitive than current methods
  • AI assisted COVID-19 diagnostic and prognostic tool could improve resource allocation and patient outcomes
  • Rethinking cancer clinical trials for COVID-19 and beyond
  • Cancer researcher Jo Brookfield writes about life in the lab during lockdown…
  • Leading cancer centres share guidelines for treating cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic
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