PAWS-GIST team wins NCRI Collaboration Award

Congratulations to the Paediatric Adolescent Wildtype & Syndromic GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumour (PAWS-GIST) team who recently won an NCRI Collaboration Award. The award recognises the European multidisciplinary team of patients, doctors, specialists and researchers who are collaborating to improve treatments and working to find a cure for PAWS-GIST cancer.

Dr Iain Frame, CEO of NCRI said: "We are delighted to recognise and honour the achievements made by these individuals and teams who have worked effortlessly in the community to help accelerate progress in cancer research for the benefit of patients and society."

Aerodigestive programme members Dr Ramesh Bulusu (Consultant Clinical Oncologist), Mr Richard Hardwick (Upper GI Tract Surgeon) and Dr Olivier Giger (Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Histopathology) are all part of the PAWS-GIST team.

30 Nov 2019