CRTF PhD projects 2024

Each project title is linked to the full project description. Please note that the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) programme has been relaunched under a new name: the Fundamental Biology of Cancer (FBC) programme. Only projects listed as CMB belong to the FBC programme.

CRUK Cambridge Centre Clinical PhD Projects 2024 

(Principal supervisor, Dept for Student Registration)

Combining single-cell genomics and machine learning to understand adaptive immune responses in early cancer.  Dr Jamie Blundell Dept of Oncology 
Development of novel cellular immunotherapies.  Dr Mike Chapman MRC Toxicology Unit
Dissecting glioblastoma infiltration using integrated single cell and spatial genomics.  Dr Omer Bayraktar  Wellcome Sanger Institute
Drugging the undruggable: Therapeutically targeting key drivers of pro- and anti-oncogenic signalling in brain cancer and leukaemia. Dr Pau Creixell CRUK Cambridge Institute
Evaluation of dynamic metabolism in renal cancer patients treated with systemic therapy using intraoperative labelled nutrient delivery. Prof Grant Stewart Dept of Surgery
Exploring DNA damage and androgen inhibition (API) in early prostate cancer (PC): validation of biomarkers and mechanistic characterisation.  Mr Harveer Dev Dept of Oncology
Exploring the biomarker potential and functional role of dysregulated microRNA expression in Wilms tumours.  Prof Matthew Murray Dept. of Pathology
Generation and evaluation of non-activated CAR T cells for treatment of cancer.  Dr Nicholas Matheson Dept of Medicine
Investigating mechanisms of drug resistance in paediatric cancers Prof Suzanne Turner Dept of Pathology
Rejuvenating the aged immune system by cell reprogramming during lung carcinogenesis. Dr Daniel Munoz-Espin Dept of Oncology
Spatially-resolved multi-omics to decipher the mediators of therapy resistance and disease progression in oesophageal adenocarcinoma. Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald Dept of Oncology
Towards a strategy for the early detection of lung cancer in never-smokers (LCINS).  Dr Frank McCaughan Dept of Medicine
Understanding the evolutionary dynamics of myelodysplastic syndrome and factors that drive or impede progression to acute myeloid leukaemia. Dr Caroline Watson Dept of Oncology
Using UK population-wide data to develop individualised prognostic models in patients with early-stage melanoma.  Mr Amit Roshan CRUK Cambridge Institute
Gene Therapy of Human Glioblastoma Tumour-Associated Macrophages. Dr Harry Bulstrode Cambridge Stem Cell Institute