What to do to go on a trial

During the first Early Phase (EP) clinic appointment, you will be asked for a detailed medical history. Please do bring any diaries or notes that you would find helpful for this discussion. There will also be a general discussion about EP trials and at this point you will be made aware of any trials that are available and may be suitable for you.

It is important to realise that even though there may be a particular trial open for your cancer type, this does not guarantee suitability as very tight eligibility criteria will have to be met. This is also very much a two way process; after the discussion it may be that you decide that EP trials are not something that you want to participate in, it can often require extra visits to the hospital for investigations and tests and once you are on a trial it may be that you have to be seen weekly.

There are many issues to consider, if there is a possible trial for you, you will be given a patient information sheet. You will take this home, and we recommend that you read the information carefully and discuss it with your family/carer/friend. You can contact the trials nurse if you have any questions, but you will generally be made another appointment within one to two weeks to discuss any further points with the consultant. You will then sign the consent form and the screening process will begin.