AGENDA - Pancreatic Cancer Programme & Early Cancer Institute joint seminar

Thursday 22nd Sep 2022
16:00-18:30, followed by networking with food and drinks
CRUK Cambridge Institute Lecture Theatre

For more information and to register, click here.


16:00 Introduction to the Pancreatic Cancer Programme - Dr Bristi Basu and Dr Giulia Biffi

16:10 Introduction to the Early Cancer Institute - Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald

16:20 Prof Eithne Costello, Molecular Oncology, University of Liverpool; Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer: where does diabetes come into it?

17:05 Prof Masashi Narita, Cellular Senescence in Cancer and Aging, University of Cambridge; Oncogenic RAS dosage and senescence spectrum

17:25 Dr Katja DePaepe, Consultant HPB/GI Radiologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; talk title tba

17:45 Dr Anita Balakrishnan, Consultant HPB Surgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Risk stratification of pre-malignant pancreatic cycsts

18:05 Funding opportunities: Dr Alexis Webb, Research Programme Manager for Early Detection, Cancer Research UK and Dr Chris Macdonald, Head of Research, Pancreatic Cancer UK

18:30 Meeting close followed by food and drinks (until 19:30 or so)

Kate Donoghue and Catherine Atkins
15 Sep 2022