Cambridge is one of three UK Early Detection Centres of Excellence

Cambridge has been selected by Cancer Research UK as one of three new UK Centres of Excellence for Early Detection research.

The CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection Programme at the University of Cambridge, along with University College London and the University of Manchester are the UK partners that have been chosen to join the International Cancer Early Detection (ICED) Alliance. The three US centres that will complete the alliance will be announced later this year.

The ICED Alliance will be a unique, science-led, collaborative investment that will support early detection research and allow early detection leaders to nurture the field towards maturity.

Representing up to £40 million of investment, this initiative will bring together outstanding UK and US centres who will jointly develop a research strategy to support collaboration, infrastructure development and training across the Alliance and for the wider early detection research community.

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, who leads the Early Detection Programme, said: “I am delighted that we have been selected as a member of the new International Cancer Early Detection (ICED) Alliance. This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with other researchers in the field in order to accelerate progress in detecting cancer at an earlier stage. In particular Cambridge will be offering clinical facilities and expertise to test new technologies in patients.”

The Alliance aims to facilitate the exchange of people and resources, supporting collaborative research in cancer early detection.

20 Mar 2019