Cambridge University video highlights importance of interdisciplinary research

A new video called ‘What impact will your next connection have?’ encourages researchers to get involved in the lively network of cross-School initiatives at the University.

Postgraduate students, early-career researchers and researchers new to the University in particular may not be aware of the range of opportunities for interdisciplinary networking and collaboration.

There are a number of interdisciplinary initiatives such as Interdisciplinary Research Centres (IRCs)Strategic Research Initiatives (SRIs), Strategic Research Networks (SRNs) and other cross-School initiatives across the University.

They link researchers from different departments and institutes through collaborative research projects, training, studentships, events and more.

Cancer is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) uniting world-leading biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, doctors, nurses and allied health professional across Cambridge and beyond to tackle cancer from every angle.

Bringing together expertise and diverse academic perspectives in this way increases opportunities for funding and industry partnerships and strengthens the ability to tackle important research challenges facing society today.

If your research is, or could be relevant to cancer and you would like to join our vibrant cancer community in Cambridge, please sign up here to become a member of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre.

4 Oct 2021