Cancer and Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Researchers from the Mark Foundation Institute for Integrated Cancer Medicine discuss how artificial intelligence is making it easier for doctors to diagnose and treat cancer.

What’s cancer got to do with crabs, artist Jackson Pollock, and artificial intelligence? 

The latest episode (5) of the University of Cambridge Podcast Mind Over Chatter, explores these topics with surgeon Grant Stuart, computer scientist Mateja Jamnik and radiologist Evis Sala, all members of the Mark Foundation Institute for Integrated Cancer Medicine.

They share some cancer facts that are both amazing and disturbing, and discuss the WIRE clinical trial for kidney cancer.

WIRE evaluates the effectiveness of giving a short course of drug treatment to patients in the one-month “window of opportunity” between diagnosis and surgery.

Patients on the WIRE trial also undergo a suite of new imaging techniques that have been brought together for the first time globally in this clinical trial.

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11 Feb 2022