Cancer Grand Challenges annual progress

Cambridge researchers featured in Cancer Grand Challenges’ annual celebration of scientific progress.

Greg Hannon’s IMAXT team and Mike Stratton’s Mutographs team have been featured in Cancer Grand Challenges’ annual progress magazine, Discover – a celebration of the advances against cancer that can be made when diverse, global teams come together and think differently.  

IMAXT is tackling the challenge of 3D tumour mapping, which could unlock vital new information about tumour biology. Earlier this year, Greg and the team added an important new piece to their puzzle when they published Expansion Sequencing in Science.

The cutting-edge technology creates accurate, nanoscale-resolution maps of a whole host of biological samples. Ultimately, the integration of novel technologies like this will lead to an entirely new way to explore tumour biology, which could lead to more effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Meanwhile, Mutographs is hoping to understand more about the role of mutational signatures and DNA damage in cancer development.

Recent surprising findings from Mike and the team reveal how some carcinogens cause cancer without damaging DNA – challenging what we thought we knew and reviving a decades-old hypothesis on the development of cancer.  

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20 Oct 2021