Dr Simon Richardson awarded CRUK Clinician Scientist Fellowship

We are pleased to welcome Dr Simon Richardson to the programme. Simon has been awarded a 5-year CRUK Clinician Scientist Fellowship and will be working in Professor Brian Huntly's lab. The focus of the fellowship will be on the role CREBBP in Acute B Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (B-ALL) and, in particular, its role in relapse and chemo-resistance. During the project, Simon will work to generate new mouse models of B-ALL, in parallel with drug development using human cell lines and patient material.

Simon completed his PhD in Professor Tariq Enver’s lab at the UCL Cancer Institute using human pluripotent stem cells modelling the impact of the childhood B-ALL driver mutation ETV6-RUNX1 on human fetal lymphopoiesis. Following his PhD, Simon has been working in Dr Marc Mansour’s lab focussing on adapting next generation sequencing techniques to identify novel non-coding mutations in cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukaemia.

23 Feb 2020