Junior Investigators attend Leicester meeting

Aditi Vedi, Ines Horvat Menih, Rebecca Lucey and Bill McGough
Annual Junior Investigators Network Group meeting held in Leicester on 6 and 7 Feb 2023

Four Cambridge researchers attended the JING 'Training the Next Generation' Event in Leicester on 6 and 7 February 2023. JING brings together, and helps develop, junior investigators across all disciplines of translational research within the ECMCs.

Aditi Vedi: "This short course is a great opportunity for junior investigators to have their ideas heard and receive valuable feedback from experts with a range of skills. The structured teaching sessions lay the foundation for clinical trial development, while small group sessions allow participants to present their research ideas.

Ines Horvat Menih and Bill McGough mentioned that although the meeting was aimed at drug-development, they were still able to network well with other radiologists and valued the insights into working with industry and finding suitable funding.
Rebecca Lucey: "It is fantastic to be able to hear advice from experienced faculty and present trial ideas in a supportive environment. A particularly valuable part of this JING was the opportunity to meet the ECMC patient and public advisors who talked to us about making the most out of patient and public input and making our research assessible."

See the full programme here.

To learn more about JING, visit their website.

Kate Donoghue
8 Feb 2023