Local cancer experts joining hands to address global challenges

Abcam, Cambridge Biomedical Campus
The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and Abcam have announced the extension of their long-standing relationship and formalized a new framework for broad collaboration.

The partners’ goal is to accelerate cancer discoveries and the translation of these discoveries into potential improvements for cancer detection, monitoring and therapies.

Richard Gilbertson, Director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre said: “The CRUK Cambridge Centre is very excited by this new phase in our partnership with our neighbours Abcam on the Biomedical Campus.

"Most importantly, this further deepening of our relationship is great news for patients; enabling even closer working with experts at Abcam to invent new diagnostic, monitoring and treatment strategies.

"Combining Abcam’s innovative scientific solutions with our world-leading academic expertise will enable us to make breakthrough discoveries in our understanding of cancer.” 

The ongoing collaboration combines the CRUK Cambridge Centre’s world-class cancer science with Abcam’s proteomics expertise to develop tools and solutions to help advance the understanding, diagnosis and potential treatments of cancer.

The expected outcomes include knowledge sharing, collaborative development and validation of research tools, joint presentations, and potentially the development of research products for use by cancer researchers globally.

“The synergy between Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and Abcam is catalyzed by a strong disease focus, complementary competencies and a shared mission. By ensuring rapid access to Abcam’s expertise and proteomics research tools, our goal is to help accelerate the pace of innovations that can ultimately bring potential benefits to our society.” Said Alejandra Solache, SVP Research and Development at Abcam.

In addition, the collaboration will leverage Abcam’s deep sector understanding and network of industrial partners to support late-stage development and accelerate the translation of future discoveries into impactful improvements for the cancer community.

The collaboration is focused on three key areas of cancer research: early detection, precision medicine and immuno-oncology.

Subham Basu, Senior Director of Strategy, Immuno-oncology and Oncology at Abcam, added: “In recent years, cancer therapy has pivoted from a drug-centric to a patient-centric approach, highlighting the growing importance of precision medicine.

"Working with the scientists at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and being able to support their research efforts, we hope that we can play a small part in ultimately helping patients to get the right drug to target their cancer most effectively.”

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14 Oct 2021