NAHP Programme: Clinical Innovations in Cancer and Research

Join us online on Friday 8 September, 13:00–16:00 for talks and discussion exploring innovative approaches in clinical practice.

Join us for an insightful event focused on exploring innovative approaches in clinical practice that are revolutionizing research delivery, particularly in the context of cancer research.

Hosted by our Nursing and Allied Heath Professionals Programme, this event will highlight four key areas of innovation: e-consent, AI in practice, IMP (Investigational Medicinal Product) home delivery by pharmacy, and the Park and Ride Phlebotomy Service.

Additionally, the concept of a Virtual Ward will be discussed.

Speakers will provide in-depth discussion on each topic, covering various aspects such as the background, drivers for change, existing gaps, and the benefits and impact of these innovative approaches. The event aims to showcase how these advancements contribute to research delivery and change cancer care.

This event is open to healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals interested in advancing clinical practice and improving patient outcomes in cancer research.

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8 Sep 2023