PhD Studentships

Applications are invited for PhD studentships in cancer studies throughout the Cambridge Cancer Centre. Deadline 10 November.

To encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative research, the Cambridge Cancer Centre is offering an exciting range of PhD studentships covering different approaches to cancer science.

The studentships are funded by Cancer Research UK and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, and include fees (University and College) and a stipend (£19,000 per annum), together with an allowance for research costs. No nationality restrictions apply to these studentships.

The Centre is offering the following seven projects; four of these will be funded and awarded to the best candidates. Candidates can apply for a maximum of two projects.

Proteomic and genetic analysis of immune evasion in myeloma cells and identification of novel tumour markers
Mike Chapman (Department of Haematology) and Paul Lehner (Department of Medicine)

Characterisation of leukaemogenic regulatory networks in acute myeloid leukaemia
Bertie Göttgens (Department of Haematology) and George Vassiliou (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)

Adult liver regeneration and its implications in liver cancer
Meritxell Huch (Gurdon Institute, from January 2014) and Ben Simons (Department of Physics and Gurdon Institute)

Isolation of nanobodies to stabilise and restore the function of melanoma associated mutant p16INK4a
Laura Itzhaki (Department of Pharmacology) and Chris Dobson and Erwin de Genst (Department of Chemistry)

Characterisation of the effects of loss of fumarate hydratase on signal transduction and regulation in renal cancer using a systems biology approach
Kathryn Lilley (Department of Biochemistry), Julio Saez-Rodriguez (European Bioinformatics Institute) and Christian Frezza (MRC Cancer Unit)

Identification of centriolar/centrosomal protein complexes and their structural and functional characterisation
Mark van Breugel (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

Interrogating clonal repopulation dynamics in glioblastoma
Colin Watts (Department of Clinical Neurosciences) and Simon Tavaré (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics)

Applicants should submit their application as one pdf file (cover letter followed by CV with the names and e-mail addresses of two academic referees) in the format: surname_firstname.pdf to by 10 November 2013. Successful applicants will be invited for interview in the week of 13 January 2014.

16 Oct 2013