Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC)

Clinical trials in Cambridge
Over 2,000 cancer patients were recruited onto clinical trials in 2012/13. This figure equates to over half of all cancer patients in the Cambridge area taking part in trials, which is the highest percentage in the UK.

Clinical trials in Cambridge are coordinated by the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC). The CCTC is a collaboration of Cancer Research UK, the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH).

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Team (EPCTT) was established in 2008 to focus on early phase trials and experimental medicine for priority cancers for the Anglia region.

Bench to bedside
Both the CCTC and the EPCTT aim to translate 
the latest scientific breakthroughs in the laboratory into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. The breadth of clinical research is extensive spanning both early and late phase studies.

Current trials
The CCTC team of around 100 clinical staff, researchers and administrators manages a portfolio of over 250 clinical trials, including around 120 open to recruitment, to test new ways of detecting and treating a wide range of cancers.

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Early phase clinical trials
Brain and CNS cancer
Breast cancer
Colorectal cancer
Gynaecological cancer
Haematological and MPN cancer
Head and neck cancer
Hepato-pancreato-biliary cancer
Lung cancer
Oesophageal cancer
Renal cancer
Skin cancer and melanoma
Urological cancer