What is an early phase clinical trial?

Early phase, or phase I and phase II, trials are the first step in testing new medicines that have been developed in the lab. The people who take part in phase I trials may be amongst the first patients to be given a new treatment. 
The purpose of early phase trials
Early phase trials aim to find out:
  • the correct dose for a new medicine
  • how often the drug should be given to ensure it remains effective
  • the effects the new medicine may have on your body, including side effects and toxicities
  • the effects of the new medicine on your cancer
  • how your body absorbs, circulates, changes and eliminates the new medicine – this is called the pharmacokinetics

Current trials
The Early Phase Clinical Trials Team (EPCTT) has around 20 ongoing studies and accepts several new patient referrals each week. Please see the Early phase clinical research page for details of current early phase trials in the Cambridge area.

Contact the Early Phase Clinical Trials Team
Contact the Early Phase Clinical Trials Office on 01223 216083