Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre team

The CCTC manages a portfolio of over 250 clinical trials and studies, including around 120 currently open for recruitment. Our research covers all phases in the development of new drugs, as well as investigating new ways of treating, controlling and preventing cancer. 

As well as our CUH based research, we also coordinate major studies involving different research centres. We are particularly well placed to translate advances in research into effective, innovative treatments for patients, because we are able to share expertise between the hospital, the university and CRUK.

Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre Strategic Plan

CCTC team
Our team of around 100 staff, includes consultants, specialist registrars, researchers, and trial managers and administrators. As a patient, however, most of your contact will probably be with our specialist nurses, who make up around half the team. These nurses work across the hospital, caring directly for patients, while supporting the work of the trials team.

Director   Duncan Jodrell

Acting Business and Operations Manager   Si-houy Lao-Sirieix

Research Nursing Leads   Debra Blackstone and Debbie Pitfield

Data Management Lead   Pia Fagelman

Lead Trials Coordinator   Si-houy Lao-Sirieix

Administration Team Lead   Lesley Bennett

Lead Pharmacist   Anita Chhabra

Research leads by cancer type
The CCTC coordinates trials in the cancer categories listed below with their research lead contact. Please see the Clinical research pages for current trials in each of these categories.

Breast  Dr Helena Earl 

CNS  Dr Sarah Jefferies 

Early phase Prof Duncan Jodrell 

Gynaecology Dr Helena Earl 

Haematology Dr George Follows 

Haematology - MPN Prof Tony Green

Head and neck Dr Sarah Jefferies 

HPB Dr Bristi Basu

Lower GI  Dr Hugo Ford

Lung Dr Susan Harden 

Melanoma Dr Pippa Corrie 

Radiotherapy Dr Charlotte Coles 

Renal  Dr Kate Fife

Sarcoma  Dr Helena Earl 

Skin  Dr Kate Fife 

Upper GI Dr Hugo Ford 

Urology   Dr Danish Mazhar