Dr Ashwin Seshia

University of Cambridge

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Department of Engineering
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Nanoscience Centre

Position: Reader
Personal home page: http://www.eng.cam.ac.uk/~aas41

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Dr Ashwin Seshia is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

One of the research thrusts in my group is the development of microelectromechanical and microfluidics based platforms for early diagnosis. We also research microfabricated biophysical tools to characterise biological systems at the molecular, cellular and multi-cellular scales.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Early Cancer Institute
Methods and technologies
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Key publications

Y. Zhou, S. Basu, K. J. Wohlfahrt, S. F. Lee, D. Klenerman, E. D. Laue and A. A. Seshia, A microfluidic platform for trapping, releasing and super-resolution imaging of single cells, Sensors and Actuators Part B: Chemical, Vol. 232, pp. 680-691, 2016.

A. Prasad, A. Heufner, S. Mahajan and A. A. Seshia, Investigating biomechanical noise in neuroblastoma cells using the quartz crystal microbalance, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 12(106), p. 20141389, 2015.

L. L. Bell, A. A. Seshia, D. Lando, E. D. Laue, M. Palayret, S. F. Lee and D. Klenerman, A microfluidic device for the hydrodynamic immobilisation of living yeast cells for super-resolution imaging, Sensors and Actuators Part B: Chemical, Vol. 192, pp. 36-41, 2014.

A. T-H. Lin, J. Yan and A. A. Seshia, Electrically addressed dual resonator sensing platform for biochemical detection, IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical systems, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 34-43, 2012.

A. Menzel, A. T-H. Lin, P. Estrela, P. Li and A. A. Seshia, Biomolecular and electrochemical charge detection using a micromechanical electrometer, Sensors and Actuators Part B: Chemical, Vol. 160, No. 1, pp. 301-305, 2011.

S. K. Ghosh, V. Ostanin and A. A. Seshia, Anharmonic surface interactions for biomolecular screening and characterization, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 83, No. 2, pp. 549-554, January 2011. W. Shu, S. Laurenson, T. P. J. Knowles, P. Ko Ferrigno and A. A. Seshia, Highly specific label-free protein detection from lysed cells using internally referenced microcantilever sensors, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 233-237, 2008.

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J.H.T. Ransley, M. Watari, D. Sukumaran, R. McKendry and A. A. Seshia, SU-8 bio-chemical sensor microarrays, Journal of Microelectronic Engineering, Vol. 83, Nos. 4-9, pp. 1621-1625, 2006.