Dr Alvis Brazma

European Bioinformatics Institute

NHS or other affiliations
Functional genomics research

Position: Head of Department
Personal home page: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~brazma

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Dr Alvis Brazma is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

High throughput (microarray, sequencing) data analysis. Data integration. Cell cycle. I am in charge of running and developing the transcriptomics data repository ArrayExpress.

Research Programme


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Key publications

G. Rustici, ?A. Brazma. Global transcriptional responses of fission and budding yeast to changes in copper and iron levels: a comparative study. (2007). Genome Biology, 8:R73. T. Schlitt and A. Brazma. (2006). Modelling in molecular biology: describing transcription regulatory networks. Philosophical Transactions Royal Society B, 361 (1467), 483-494 G. Rustici, J. Mata, K. Kivinen, P. Li , C.J. Penkett, G. Burns, J. Hayles, A. Brazma, P. Nurse and J. Bhler. Periodic gene expression program of the fission yeast cell cycle. Nature Genetics, 2004, 36, 809-817 (doi:10.1038/ng1377). Kemmeren, N. L. van Berkum, J. Vilo, T. Bijma, R. Donders, A. Brazma, and F.C.P. Holstege. Protein Interaction Verification and Functional Annotation by Integrated Analysis of Genome-Scale Data. Molecular Cell, 9(5) pp. 1133-1143 (2002). A. Brazma et al, Minimum information about a microarray experiment (MIAME)?toward standards for microarray data. Nature Genetics, 29: 365 - 371 (2001).