Dr Catherine Lindon

Position: Lecturer
Personal home page: http://www.phar.cam.ac.uk/research/lindon

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Research description

My lab studies cell division in human cells, with particular focus on regulation by ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis. We use time-lapse fluorescence imaging of live cells to measure proteolysis of substrates in real time, and to study the role of substrate proteolysis in the precisely coordinated events giving rise to two daughter cells at the end of mitosis. The Aurora kinases (Aurora A and Aurora B) are two substrates of ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis that make critical contributions to coordinated cell division, and have well documented cancer-promoting activities. Ongoing projects in the lab explore how ubiquitination of Aurora kinases regulates their activity in time and space, and how their activity contributes to cancer. We have recently described a 'ubiquitome' of cellular components modified by ubiquitin at the end of mitosis, seeding new projects to investigate how and why ubiquitin targeting regulates different processes in cell division.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Fundamental Biology of Cancer
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Key publications

Lindon C, Grant R, Min M (2016). Ubiquitin-mediated degradation of Aurora kinases. Frontiers in Oncology 5 307 Min M, Mevissen TE, De Luca M, Komander D, Lindon C (2015). Efficient APC/C substrate degradation in cells undergoing mitotic exit depends on K11 ubiquitin linkages. Mol. Biol. Cell 26 4325-4332 Min M, Mayor U, Dittmar G, Lindon C (2014). Using in vivo-biotinylated ubiquitin to describe a mitotic exit ubiquitome from human cells. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13 2411-2425 Min M, Mayor U, Lindon C (2013). Ubiquitination site preferences in APC/C substrates. Open Biology 3 (9) 130097 Floyd S, Whiffin N, Gavilan MP, Kutscheidt S, De Luca M, Watkins J, Chung K, Fackler O, Lindon C (2013). Spatiotemporal organization of Aurora B activity by APC/C-Cdh1 after mitosis coordinates cell spreading via FHOD1. J. Cell Science 126 2845-2856 Astertiti I, Rensen W, Lindon C, Lavia P, Guarguaglini G (2010). The Aurora-A/TPX2 complex: A novel oncogenic holoenzyme? Biochim Biophys Acta 1806 230-239 Elder AD, Domin A, Kaminski-Schierle GS, Lindon C, Pines J, Esposito A, Kaminski CF (2009). A quantitative protocol for dynamic measurements of protein interactions by FRET-sensitised fluorescence emission. J. Royal Society Interface 6 S59-S81 Floyd S, Pines J, Lindon C (2008). APC/C-Cdh1 targets Aurora Kinases to control mitotic spindle reorganization at anaphase.  Current Biology 18 1649-1658